Off-page SEO Checklist

Here is our complete Off-page SEO activities checklist that helps improve website visibility and increase authority score. Eventually, help achieve the best return on investment.

Off-Page SEO Activity 1: Boost Brand Awareness via Social Media Activities

  • Build at least one social media account for your business. Consider some of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora.
  • Check and reply to customer queries on your social media channels frequently to build trust and authority.
  • Run a creative social media contest offering customers to win an exclusive product or offer. How to?
  • Create a poll on Facebook to learn more about your customers’ needs and their expectations How to?
  • Host webinars to share your industry experience with your followers. This not only allows your customers to learn more about your products and services, but you may also get some great ideas on how to grow your business. Host your webinars for free with Google Hangouts, Skype, or ZOOM.
  • Create a Facebook Group for your business to allow your customers and followers to engage by posting their inquiries and suggestions about your products and services. The best part, your customers may tag or invite their friends to join the group which eventually helps spread your brand. How to?
  • Give away free eBooks to engage more subscribers. Sharing industry knowledge is a great way to promote your business to prospects. You can do this by building a landing page to host the free files for users to download after subscribing or using a free marketing automation service such as Mailchimp.
  • Create and share videos on your social media channels. It’s a great way to promote your business and connect with customers as well as prospects. You can host your videos for free with Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Off-Page SEO Activity 2: Advertise Your Business On Classified Ad Websites

Classified Ad Submission is one of the key off-page SEO tactics which helps advertise your products and services online, and drive traffic to your website Check out this Classified Ad Submission Sites List checkpoints to improve your ad visibility, eventually, amplify your website traffic.

Your Classified Ad Submission must:

  • be listed in the relevant Ad Category.
  • include your business logo, business name, and business address.
  • include your business contact information e.g, (phone, email, or postal address).
  • include price, high-resolution images of relevant products/services, and any other requirements made by the listing provider.
  • be optimized with targeted keywords so that your ads can reach the most relevant prospects.
  • Ad’s message and title must be succinct and compelling.

Off-Page SEO Activity 3: List Your Business On Business Directory Websites

Build links from directory submission websites is an easy method to boost your website ranks on SERPs and also help bring visitors to your website. Your Directory Submission must include:

  • your business name, business logo, business slogan.
  • year of business establishment.
  • business owner’s name.
  • business address.
  • business contact information e.g. phone, email, and postal address.
  • descriptions of your business, products, and services.
  • payment methods.
  • hours of operation.
  • targeted keywords.
  • current business website URL.
  • Google Map location for your business.
  • photos or videos of your business.

All of the above information must be saved in a Google document file or Microsoft document file for any future submissions.

Off-Page SEO Activity 4: Submit Articles on Forums and Participate In Forum Discussions

Your website will receive quality traffic when you post in the right forums. Check out this Forum Submission checkpoints to start submitting your content to forums:

  • Complete your profile with details of your business on the forums you target.
  • Include a link to your business website in the signature section.
  • Submit your articles to relevant forums.
  • Use targeted key phrases in your forum posts.
  • Don’t plagiarise.
  • Don’t spam. Post only high-quality content and provide only relevant answers to other users’ queries.
  • Include reference links or original sources in your post if you quote the work of someone else.
  • Be active on the forum and participate in forum discussions to share your industry knowledge

Off-Page SEO Activity 5: Commenting on Forums and Other Blog Posts

  • Create a profile and participate in discussions on Reddit forum.
  • Create a profile and participate in discussions on Quora forum.
  • Create a profile and participate in discussions on Warrior forum.
  • Only post a link pointing to your website in the comment sections if the link and the content shared is relevant and useful for the audience.
  • If possible, give your link a meaningful anchor text.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you to the author for sharing their content.
  • Keep in mind, all links in the comment section will be set to rel=”nofollow” by default. Don’t spam!
  • If you own a blog that has a comment section enabled, follow this guide to prevent comment spam.

Off-Page SEO Activity 6: Build Links Via PowerPoint Submission Websites

PowerPoint Submissions help promote your website content by attractive and informative slideshow presentations. Add this PPT Submission checklist to your off-page SEO to-do list to enrich your SEO off-page activities.

  • Include a link with targeted phrases or meaningful anchor text to the web page you want to rank for.
  • Don’t plagiarise content. If you are using someone else’s content, put a link to the original source, and quote the author’s name in the Appendix section.
  • Your PowerPoint slides must be professionally designed.
  • Your PowerPoint slides must have a table of contents and navigation.
  • Have additional media and custom graphics to support data on your PowerPoint slides.
  • Your PowerPoint facts must be well researched and up to date.
  • Your PowerPoint content must be well structured, easy to understand, and customized for your audience.

Off-Page SEO Activity 7: Submit Blog Feeds To Feed Aggregator Websites

  • Submit your blog feeds to high DR/PR feed aggregator websites. This can help enhance the visibility of your website or blog and attract more traffic.
  • Submit your RSS manually to only high DA/PA RSS Submission Websites so that your website won’t get penalized by Google and other search engines.

Off-Page SEO Activity 8: Bookmark Your Website And Blog Posts URL

  • Tag your website URL and blog post URL to popular and high authority Social Bookmark Websites List only.
  • Use a unique title and content description to avoid duplication.
  • Don’t plagiarise. Your content must be unique and helpful.
  • Don’t spam! Some bookmark websites have strict rules against spamming which may cause your account to be terminated without notice.
  • If you share an image, make sure it’s your own image or you have a license for that. Otherwise, consider using copyright-free images and add a reference link to the author’s sources.

Off-Page SEO Activity 9: Write And Publish Your Articles On Other Blogs

  • Find your niche on websites that accept guest posts and start to contribute your content to their blog network. This tactic will help you earn free quality backlinks to your site, hence improving your website traffic. Different websites have different guest post requirements. Make sure you follow their guidelines.
  • Content must be unique and relevant to your targeted topic.
  • Don’t spam and don’t plagiarise.
  • Be careful when using images found on the internet. Understand the importance of image sources to avoid serious consequences for using an image without the right permissions.

Off-Page SEO Activity 10: Build Tier-2 Tier-3 Backlinks To Your Main Website

  • Build links to your money web page via high DA/PA websites that accept guest blogs. Check out this list.
  • Build Tier-2 Tier-3 Backlinks via your web 2.0 websites. Check out this web 2.0 websites list to build your web 2.0 websites or blog network.
  • Build Tier-2 Tier-3 Backlinks via social media channels or other trusted blog networks.
  • Create unique and high-quality content that your audience wants to share with their network.
  • Avoid building tier-2 and tier-3 links from low DA/PA websites or blog networks to avoid being penalized by Google and other search engines.
  • Don’t buy links! Google hates paid links as it compromises the quality of search results and creates a bad search experience for users. If someone knows you are buying links, they may report your website then your website’s ranking will be impacted negatively in search results.

Off-Page SEO Activity 11: Reach Out To Influential Bloggers In Your Niche

  • Find influencers in your niche via Buzzsumo. Create an impressive pitch to get your influencers’ attention. If your influencers like the ideas or your content, they may share it with their network. Read more here for tips on how to reach out to influencers.

Off-Page SEO Activity 12: Earn links from Broken Link Building Tactic

  • Step 1: Find a popular and trusted website or blog in your niche.
  • Step 2: Use Ahrefs or Semrush Site Audit Tool to find broken links on your chosen website.
  • Step 3: Update content for the broken links.
  • Step 4: Reach out to the webmasters of the website that contain the dead links, and suggest them to change the broken link to a working one (of course, your link!).

Be cautious while following the above steps, here is a checklist of things you should avoid when doing link-building outreach. Check out here.

Off-Page SEO Activity 13: Building Links Via Email And Newsletters

  • Add your targeted link in Newsletter emails.
  • Pitch your link to influencers in your industry niche. Keep in mind that your content must add value to their audience, and it must be original and well written.
  • Add your targeted link in your email signature.
  • Frequently share curated content with your subscribers.
  • Add your targeted link in new subscribers’ welcome email.
  • Learn more about email marketing and various types of emails to run your campaign effectively.
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