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website design working process

Our Process

Our approach is to help transform complex creative needs of your business into extraordinary experiences. We love taking your vision to reality. We understand that parting with the full project cost can be a little daunting and may leave you feeling unsure.

All our projects work off a three-phase payment process that staggers the payment across each project stage. Our working process allows you to view the progress as you make the payment and reduce your business’s financial burden.

Phase 1

Project Initiation

First, you contact us with the service you require for your business. Then, we will provide you with a project proposal. We discuss and agree on requirements, timelines and associated costs for the project and sign a contract. A deposit of 30% of the project value is required to get started.

project initiation
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Phase 2

Research, Design, Development & Demo

We do our magic and deliver according to agreed project timelines. You can keep track of the project progress in our Client Portal. We also prefer to have regular discussions with you to ensure we bring you along the journey. We will provide you with a biweekly update of the project progress and conduct a demonstration to gather your feedback.

At this phase, a 50% deposit is due when we complete the first final deliverables. We will make all the required revisions, updates or changes once payment is made.

Phase 3

Embed, Testing & Quality Assurance

For website design projects, we will prepare detailed test cases to cover all the website application functionality. We will fix the issues and provide you with reporting on the functional test execution and any defects detected.

Once we have delivered on all the requirements, we work with you to make sure you are comfortable using the project outputs for your day to day business needs. 20% of the final payment is due at this phase.

Depending on the project’s nature, it may be archived at this stage or moved to the maintenance phase. If you feel the need for on-going support, we are happy to provide that as well.

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website maintenance

On-demand Support

We offer free on-going technical support for website design services if any function we built doesn’t perform as expected.

Please note that we don’t provide free support if the issues occur on your website caused by a third party whom you provided access to your website to make changes.

Our free support doesn’t include redesigning websites, updating content, updating and/or upgrading functions, and/or making any new changes. You can contact us for pay-as-you-go support. We offer on-demand updates to support you as much or as little as you need under our hourly support charge. As your business grows, we are on hand when you need us.