Website Support and Maintenance Services

Maintaining a website is a challenging and hassle job for most website owners. Thousands of websites get hacked every day due to outdated plugins and themes. We regularly maintain your website so that you can focus on your business.

At The Hash Agency, we enable business owners to devote more time to managing their business and spend less time worrying about website maintenance. You can now focus on client prospecting and strategizing your marketing channels. Let us help handle all hassle back-end tasks.

We help maintain your WordPress website remotely.

WordPress is an intuitive and robust CMS, supporting over 455 million websites globally, and of course, WordPress is also the preferred choice of many businesses. And because of its popularity, regular maintenance and website check-up are essential tasks to prevent unauthorized access to the database and malicious code injection into your WordPress database. Or, worse will be the case your WordPress website be redirected to malware websites.

WordPress Maintenance is our day to day job, so it’s a piece of cake for us now! With our WordPress maintenance and support services, you can devote more time to running your business and spend less time worrying about your WordPress website.

Here's how we protect your website.

We understand the importance of keeping your website updated with the latest technology. We are committed to providing reliable website support and maintenance services to ensure service reliability and never lose the trust of your users.

Monitoring Locations

Continuously check the uptime of your IPv4/IPv6-enabled websites from relevant customer locations every one minute to ensure availability for your globally distributed users.

Web Page Speed Monitoring

Render your website using a real browser, and record load time for each static resource to identify assets that may be slowing your page down.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

Easily stay up to date with SSL/TLS certificate expiration. Monitors certificate revocations, untrusted CAs, and SHA-1 fingerprint tampering.

Website Performance Monitoring

Detect unauthorized changes to the integrity of your website. Uncover everything from iframe/script injections to content modification.

Brand Reputation

Identify infected or malicious URLs and remove them from your site by running checks against Google's list of unsafe web resources.

Real User Monitoring

Periodically run queries against popular blocklists like Surbl, SORBS, Invaluement, UCEPROTECT, and more to detect domains and IP addresses marked as spam.

Domain Expiry

When a domain expires, all the services attached to it will cease to work. We will check, and notify you to renew early, retain ownership, and prevent any unintended service disruption.

DNS Monitoring

Monitor resolution time, identify Domain Name Server (DNS) propagation issues, and verify the correctness of your domain's DNS records by performing lookups from multiple locations around the world.

Website Daily Backups

Automatic daily backups of your website will be taken and stored on our remote storage. Up to 3 incremental backups. Database backups will be encrypted for security.

Our Website Maintenance service also include:

WordPress Version Upgrade

Plugin & Theme Updates

Web Application Monitoring

REST & SOAP API Monitoring

FTP Monitoring

Monitor from 3G/4G networks

Mail Server Monitoring

Weekly Report

Phone & Email Support

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If leaving your website to an expert saves both time and money, why should you worry and try to make minor fixes all by yourself? Having an in-house maintenance team may be costly, especially for start-ups and small businesses. By hiring our website maintenance and support services, business owners can devote more time to running their business and spend less time worrying about website debug.

Whether your brand needs a little bit of tweaking or a complete overhaul, we can do it all. We make the task relatively easy. Whether it is WordPress themes and plugins, optimizing the database, checking for compatibility issues or backups. Our services give you complete peace of mind over your backups, content changes, security and 24X7 monitoring.

add-ons ...

Need help to debug, troubleshooting your WordPress website? We also offer hourly-rate based ad-hoc support. Feel free to email us if all the below packages don’t fit your business needs.


Not sure how much time it will take to fix your WordPress issues? 

No worries. Please feel free to call us or drop us a message. We will get back quickly with a quote and time required.