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How to boost business’ social media engagement: 7 proved tips from previous case studies

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7 simple tips to boost your business’ social media engagement

Why social media marketing is crucial for business? There are over 1.8 billion social media users around the globe, needless to say, to maintain a strong relationship with your customers, planning and executing social media engagement strategies is one of the utmost important ways to grow your business. Simply put, the more efforts you put on social media marketing, the more user’s engagement you get for your business online presences.

Before setting up your business’ social media marketing strategies, let go through this article which accomplishes your goals to boost your business’ social media engagement. 

    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    Briefly, social media is no longer a technical term for worldwide users. Likewise, social media is a marketing aspect, allowing to use social media platforms to connect with the audiences to advertise and improve brand awareness. Business can publish their content on social media to generate their websites traffic; therefore, earning users engagement. 

    While content quality is a must on social media, audience engagement drives your business to be public and maximize website traffics.

    Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?

    The more popular your business’ online social media channels are, the easier it is to promote your brand’s products and services, generate quality leads and sales and ultimately, develop a long-term relationship with current customers and shorten the distance with your prospects. 

    Creating engagement and well-crafted contents on your social networks can help make impressions on users and easily advertise your business’ products and services. You can read here about tips to build and maintain brand online through content marketing to generate high-quality traffic to both your business’ website and social media channels.

    According to the statistic below, the power of social media engagement in marketing is outweighed. In a nutshell, social media plays a key role in business success either in marketing campaigns or in long-run strategies. 


    Why Is Social Media Engagement Important

    Source:  socialpilot.co

    7 Ideas Help Boost Business’s Social Media Engagement

    To be specific, listed below are 7 ideas that business should implement to improve social media engagement.

    Create Brand Storytelling on Social Media

    Compared to traditional media, social media allows your business to be viral across platforms. Telling a compelling Brand story will help to form a strong connection between your business and your audience, and is also one of the best ways to your audience heart. Don’t forget to make use of visual elements for your brand stories to make them more attractive and informative. 

    Creating Valuable Contents on Social Media

    Apart from Brand storytelling, you can create relevant and helpful contents that help solve your audience problems. To improve your brand’s social media engagement, it is crucial to choose the right content type for your posts.

    Here are 3 significant types:

    Visual Social Media Content

    In fact, people are more likely to engage with visual content than traditional content. Usually, a Facebook post with vivid images will receive more likes, comments, and shares from the public. However, visual content is not just limited in images only. Videos are proved to work well to boost social media engagement with more illustrations and better communications to the audiences. 

    Share Articles to Social Media Feeds with Direct Links 

    Unlike visual content, blog posts are written content that is also popular to internet users. Creating valuable blog posts with eye-catching headlines are key points to foster media engagement strategy. When sharing relevant blog posts, it is possible to also tag influenced authors in your message to attract their audience and further your brand’s reach.

    Run Social Media Contests

    Organizing contents, such as Q&A sessions, are effective ways to gain engagement on social media. Audiences will enjoy and participate in quizzes, giveaways, and special offers. By massive likes and shares to win over the prizes, it is likely to spread your brand name and expand your brand’s reach to further users. 

    Be Active and Interact more with Customers on Social Media 

    Sharing your customer’s post will help impress your audience and make them feel they are part of your business, and it also means that you care about the community. Ultimately, your customer will share your response to their online presences. 

    Did you know about the power of the share button? It can help bring more customer engagement and leads. Social media marketing is not about sharing alone. Thus, gaining more interaction by fast response to customers’ queries help encourage them to follow your business pages and engage with your contents on social media.

    Bring Society’s Concerns to Social Media

    Repeatedly posting about your offerings, products or services information to customers may make your customers feeling annoyed and may blocking your feeds. Let bring society’s concerns to social media by asking small donation, or local help on your social networks for volunteer works, and organise social outings for our clients and/ or your employee. Tapping the uniqueness of your product might not be conducive to attracting a broader customer base.

    Employees and Real People’s Power on Social Media

    Your employees may have followers or large connection on their social media profile.  Did you know about the word-of-mouth marketing strategy? It’s one of the best strategies to increase brand awareness across social media platforms. 

    By sharing their experiences on your brand’s services and/or products on their social media channels, they can help bring more customers and generate leads who share the same interests. Instead of putting huge investment on celebrities and influencers posts, you could ask your employees or normal people to experience your products and share the experience widely on online channels, since they are approachable, and more trusted sources of recommendations for potential buyers.

    Creating Polls & Surveys on Social Media

    It is essential to listen to your audience to know about their needs as well as to learn more about their struggling when using and/or interacting with your business. It is the key strategy in your development plan. To do that, simply create polls and surveys to receive their feedbacks which will later help improve your brand’s social media engagement.

    Find Your Best Time to Post on Social Media 

    The secret behind a successful social media post is to share the post at the right time. You might not get the desired results if you don’t publish your posts at the right times. Posting in the right time can help create more exposure to your targeted online users, and ultimately help generate more social media engagement for your brand’s online presences. 

    For marketers, it might be challenging to handle multiple social media platforms. Let try out these five free tools for social media management, which will help automatically post the content at the right time that your target audience is most active. You can then schedule your posts on various social media platforms and the tool helps you understand how your posts are performing so you can make further improvements.

    Social media marketing is one of the most effective strategies which helps increase your sales, generate more quality leads and amplify your website traffic. Thus, it’s not straightforward to build a flawless and actionable social media marketing strategy. We, at The Hash Agency, will help you find the answers on how to foster your business with social media. Let book us a free 30-minute consultation to discuss further on this topic.

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