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Tips for outsourcing graphic design to find the right fit

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Tips for outsourcing graphic design

For any organization, innovative and professional graphic design can help brands communicate with their clients and visually tell the brand’s story and the products or services that it offers. We can’t deny the superpower of visual design in either life of art or branding, so it’s important to know how to successfully outsource a graphic design company could support the business, strengthening the bond between brand and customers, and connect with the followers on a deeper level.

This comprehensive guide shares how to outsource graphic design but still keep your creative quality top notch.

What does outsource mean?

Simply put, outsourcing means one brand shifts its services to a third organization in which tasks can be handled outside of the offices, or instead of having an in-house graphic design team, most companies will hire a freelancer or small business who have experience the field that the company is searching for.

Thanks to its flexibility, the number of outsourcing agencies has been inclining to handle the business workload. This trend has led to the popularity of freelance jobs in which independent contractors could choose as an alternative instead of a full-time position.

Why should outsourcing graphic design agency?


The best benefit for outsourcing graphic design agency is lower cost. Having an in-house graphic design team requires staff salaries, software subscription fees, infrastructure maintenance fees, training, and more. In this scenario, outsourcing a graphic design agency will be the ultimate solution to cut those costs.


It can be a prolonged process from searching, hiring to training to equip your company with a strong profile in-house graphic design team. Outsourcing a graphic design agency allows you to quickly decide who are best for you based on their portfolio and reputation. And the best part is that you can get the job done professionally, creatively and deliver on time at the best rate.

How to outsource Graphic Design agency?

Evaluating graphic portfolio

Considering a matching portfolio plays a big role in skill assessment. Even though the outstanding design portfolio is essential, the relevance to the projects and skill set are still outweighed. Therefore, it would be an advantage for clients to evaluate a designer with a similar background.


Transforming a complex design requirement to a simple visual graphic that can communicate acquires certain skill sets and efforts. When shortlisting a potential graphic designer, the capability to present a brief design should be considered as one of the significant criteria.      


Shortlist relevant questions about graphic design experience and simply share about company requirements to the candidates help save time for recruiters and minimize the risk of hiring unqualified employees. Questioning work experience and design software knowledge enable potential candidates to promote their strengths that can be contributed to the outsourcing projects.

How much does outsourcing graphic design agency cost?

Costs can differ between regions, experience, length of the projects and the complex of the design requirement. In Australia, graphic designers usually charge between $AUD 20 to $AUD 50 per hour, and between $AUD 40 to $AUD 100 per hour for agencies. Depend on the complex and length of the project that you decide whether to hire a freelancer or an agency.

There are pros and cons when outsourcing a service. Thus, choosing the right graphic design agency will bring you a huge benefit. At The Hash Agency, we offer cost-effective and professional tailor-made graphic design service that meet your communication requirements. Book us FREE 30 minutes consultation and start discussing your creative projects with us now.

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