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Tips to build and maintain Brand Online through content marketing

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Tips to build and maintain Brand Online

It takes time and great efforts to grow the brand authority towards customers. Brand authority is earned through the business relationship with customers. From customers’ perspectives, brand authority is rather a reputation, which is consistently demonstrated in the marketing world based on experiences, yet not natural traits. Simply, when you are new to any industries, will you rely on natural instinct or experienced experts?
In this context, the answer is choosing experienced experts with strong brand authority. Thus, the identity of a brand plays a key role in maintaining customer’s engagement in content marketing strategies and stands out among the marketplace.

    What is Brand Authority and Why it is important?

    Brand authority is identified as the way customers perceive your brand via your services and projects. It appears to be objective that brand

    authority reflects how the customers trust and recognize the business brand itself, yet it cannot be titled as its own status. In the content marketing scenario, brand authority involves the perceived satisfaction from the clients towards the finished projects that are on-time delivered from reputable agencies or marketing firms.

    So, what will we talk about when we mention brand authority in content marketing? In specific concepts, the perception earned from the public, accepting a company as a legit within their fields, states that the company has brand authority. In a nutshell, brand identity is a crucial part of acquiring and gaining trust from customers that create big values for the firm itself. For content writers and agencies, brand identity plays a key role in making your company glow through marketing engagement and bring more potential customers.
    Building a strong brand identity with valuable contents can create a closer connection to customers and naturally attract them to your brands. In digital marketing campaigns, brand authority could improve its positioning and generate more engagement to clients with presentable formats and bring it viral.
    For example: Coca-Cola is a universe brand that is authorized around the world. In this scenario, Coca Cola has succeeded in creating its brand authority to bring core value to consumers without sayings.
    So, what can we learn from Coca Cola marketing Campaigns? The answer is brand consistency does matter. 
    What is brand authority and Why it is Important?

    How to build brand authority?

     To secure a company’s brand identity, strongly tailored content with presentable websites can improve the website visibility to customers, which requires two main components: your content and messages delivered in your content (Jason Acidre, moz.com).

    Steps to build brand authority:

    Define your niche

    Being clear about your company’s expertise is likely the fastest way to determine what your targeted customers are. In a competitive industry. Once you have identified your niche in a specific field, let draft your buyer persona and their profile to understand their insights and how you can keep them stay with you in the long run.
    Thus, the priority for your content development efforts on the niche helps your company to stand out and have a better fighting chance in your market.

    Create content strategies

    Accompanying strategies could enable us to keep track of the writing content to be accountable and consistent. Brainstorming, Ideas, Plans and Implementations will be outlined in detail to explain what the priorities are based on projects. Additionally, in marketing campaigns, seasonal projects and events are essential in networking, so be in front and schedule posts based on an agenda to promote your content and deliver to your customers with ease. 

    Produce your content

    Generating solid yet attracting contents to get ready to be widely recognized. Sometimes, corporate daily blog posts will not be enough to marketing your brand image and increase brand awareness. Professional-tone contents can highlight your company’s identity, such as showing your company’s creative portfolio, thoughtfulness and successful case studies to let new customers have greater exposure to your brand.
    Optimizing your content is how you brand remarkably with SEO efforts. Since the more search engines are getting signals that verify you are authorized in your field, the more your brand will be trusted.

    Build a strong portfolio and make it go online

    Author names or achievement badges are good illustrations of online branding. Since an author’s authority will still be visible as a search ranking factor, given that it allows Google to filter topical experts available on the websites.
     how to Produce seo optimized content
    Source: moz.com
    Once the authority has been defined, it is time to bring it viral. Imagine how you can start promoting your brand’s content without building relationships first. By taking time to communicate, network and listen to customers, we can gradually build trust from them based on brand identity and encourage them to return for your services and products (Paige Weiners, forbes.com). Showing initiative to seek customers can retain the loyalty within a competitive industry, and therefore attract potential influencers to promote your brands, thanks to their authority.

    Tips to protect your online brand

    Creating engaging content with consistent brand stories are essential; however, protecting your brand image could be problematic. Let see these tips which help protect your brand in the online market.

    Wining In-SERP features

    In-SERP Features refer to any types of search results in Google. As a popular search engine, Google enhances a mixture of content types with blended results that enables you to position your brand. When any brand is searched, components, such as videos, media, images, ranking results, that promote your brand to pop up on the screen fast.

    Join online conversations which relate to your market niche.

     There is numerous online conversation type that you can consider to join, for example:
    Product level: Reviews, updates, suppliers.
    Trade level: Events, exhibitions, quality control, future features.
    Company level: Sustainability, environmental, culture.
    Your brand’s long-term marketing strategy should include repeated building curated and tailored contents to attract more engagement from targeted communities whether online or offline.

    Integrating SEO, social media ads into marketing strategies

    Paid and organic social media marketing can be cost-effective, which means to expand and access your audience. This can increase the value from your content created and produce consistent and reliable conversations with influencers in your fields to upgrade your brandings.
    Meanwhile, paid brand bidding is more affordable thanks to the high-quality score and low costs per clicks. Moreover, competing ads can win 40% of branded search clicks when the brand isn’t running an ad; that number drops to 11% when a branded ad show (Amy Hebdon, searchenginejournal.com).

    Building Brand with Value Content

    Using your unique data with meaning content are the consistent tactics to improve the engagement of your audiences and increase trust score in their perception.
    Storytelling can bring true value to customers and add clarity towards the intended value and purpose of any product or service. Stories in this scenario can be under different forms, such as reviews, feedbacks, testimonials, case studies, etc. Adding a story to a service or product helps gain trust and social engagement, as well as build genuine brand loyalty, plus supporting wider value proposition reinforcement. By listening to real stories, a match from your audience with a story will be formed, that reflects their needs and enables your brand to build a powerful relationship.
    To drive business growth in the long run, developing and securing the brand authority are key duties. With a strong online brand, your online visibility through SEO and marketing strategies will boost the perspective’s interest with your company. The Hash Agency, we are a real brand, we have real stories for each customer’s projects. Book us now with a FREE 30 minutes consultant, you will get more tips to successfully building a brand online and ways to maximize earnings with digital advertisements.
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