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9 Proven Email Marketing Strategies That Help Convert Leads

9 Proven Email Marketing Strategies That Help Convert Leads

Usually, a dach email marketing campaign will require different strategies and approaches for gaining customers.

Depending on its purpose, promoting email to be used often depends on the business doing marketing. As an example, newspapers and other publishers usually solely focus on newsletter email marketing as maintaining a relationship with their readers is sufficient by this method.

Another email category is promotional marketing email, where products and services are advertised. Promotional email is often used within the retail sector.

Industries like banks and finance companies are focusing more on transactional and service-based email. These email categories require different tools or a minimum of use email marketing features like personalization on a more regular basis.

Newsletter email marketing, for instance, sent daily or weekly to each subscriber. Any industry can use this email marketing type. The purpose of this can be a new legal update, a recent change in operation, new blog post on the business’s website.

A strategy that’s aligned with your promotional endeavours will need tools that allow you to segment your list into differing kinds of subscribers and alter the content within an email to ensure that it best matches the subscriber’s profile.

Regardless of your email category, the following strategy guides apply to all or any email.

Based on the considerations, we’ve just outlined nine important steps that every email marketer needs to do to see which email marketing tools are appropriate for his or her marketing strategy:

Understand and optimize the cost and value of an acquired email address

Determining the value of an email address requires a strong understanding of email acquisition costs and key email marketing metrics such as the average revenue per email subscriber.

Carefully analyzing customer insights, enhancing knowledge of important email marketing metrics, and building a  more detailed approach can help mirror customer lifetime value calculations, incorporating customer-specific recency, frequency, and monetary values.

The scores of recency, frequency, and monetary are commonly referred to as RFM analysis. Most email marketers used to employ this approach to segment customers into different groups based on their behaviours, such as their ways of spending online, how much the targeted customers usually spend, the frequency of purchases, and the recency of their last purchases.

Unless you understand the value to the organization of email addresses or email subscribers, you will have difficulty making a strong case for additional investments in email marketing programs.

Marketers will often use this to create groups of six-month buyers, meaning those buyers who have purchased in the past six months. This approach can also be applied to email clicks and site visit behaviour, as in those subscribers who may have clicked within the past six months.

Develop acquisition, retention, and reactivation email campaigns

Although most marketers immediately jump into developing ongoing retention or newsletter-oriented mailings. Unfortunately, you must anticipate that many of the email addresses in your file will go bad, with approximately one-half to two-thirds of lists not being responsive.

Surveys and sweepstakes work well to elicit a response from dormant subscribers. Use the value of an email address as an arbiter when determining appropriate and cost-effective reactivation tactics. Map out a subscriber preference centre page to determine how new addresses and unsubscribe requests will be processed. Keep in mind that you want an email to be a two-way conversation with your subscribers; you want to create a dialogue. In future chapters, we will discuss optimal subscriber preference centre pages.

Understand, track and leverage key email marketing indicators to measure your success

Although the email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and delivery rate are useful to know, they are also the necessary ingredients for developing an engagement metric to trend the health of a mailing list or segment over time.

Along with these metrics, add the unsubscribe rate, spam complaint rate, new subscriber rate, and hard bounces to a quotient that directionally indicates the quality and performance of the mailing list.

Each submatrix can be individually evaluated, but rolling all of them up into one metric is an easy way for marketers to gauge the health of subscribers over time.

Focus on subscriber’s behaviour to understand and attract high potential customers

Subscribers’ behaviour should be central to your segmentation strategy. This approach will create a behavioral segmentation framework to drive subsequent mailings and remarketing campaigns and provide a completely effective means of targeting.

Although dozens of applications and vendors offer email tools and services, many are better for particular types of email marketing purposes than others.
To decide which tools and application feature you need, you need to assess your category of email and its purpose related to your marketing strategy.

Develop landing pages for each email marketing campaign

Driving subscribers to the primary website is generally the preferred tactic of most marketers. Some programs include welcome email marketing and account and/or sales reactivation campaigns that may require sufficient experience to develop specific landing pages.

Tailoring landing pages to reinforce email content that further drives subscribers to the desired outcome could be necessary if organizations choose to tailor the site experience by subscriber segment or persona.

For now, consider that you may need to have a few static landing pages added to your website. These will cover campaigns such as welcoming new subscribers and reactivating dormant ones.

Optimize your email marketing copy that converts

Managing content and creativity often represent the largest part of the production process. You can search on Google with keywords such as “SEO content audit tool“, “content audit tool-free“, or “content audit tools” Google search result pages will properly show you many free content audit tools. Still, you may consider opt-in for a paid subscription to access their full features.

You may want to check out these below free and paid content audit tools:

  • SEMrush Content Marketing Platform: The SEMrush Content Marketing Platform provides a wide range of solutions for developing a successful content strategy and creating content that engages your audience. Combine creativity and analytics on each step of your workflow.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly offers comprehensive feedback designed to help you meet the highest standards. Its suggestions elevate the quality of your writing through full-sentence rewrites to improve your clarity, word choice enhancements, tone adjustments, and more. Grammarly helps you make the best impression with your writing.
  • ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid has more writing reports than any other editing software. The editing tool highlights repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length variation, over-dependence on adverbs, passive voice, over-complicated sentence constructions, and so much more.
  • Credosity: The app was designed mainly for business, but you can also use the app to improve your writing as an individual user. Credosity gives instant feedback on your business-writing blindspots. The app helps measure and improve your writing at work.

These tools can help you modify content better, easier for your audience to understand, and avoid silly grammar mistakes. But understanding content and rendering as a part of your email strategy is critical to succeeding with the brand-oriented aspects of your email.

Continually grow your seed list.

Find some individuals within your company to place on the seed and proof lists. This ensures that you and your colleagues will get test versions of the mailing for proofing and the actual email when it is sent.

Additionally, develop seed lists that incorporate a wide variety of Internet service providers to measure delivery and message placement across a large number of domains.

Make use of multichannel marketing in the early stages of the planning process.

Some companies may turn to email marketing first because it is relatively inexpensive and coordinates and integrates email campaigns and data with marketing in other channels, a long-term goal. Even if that is your strategy, it’s important to determine how you will use multichannel marketing as early as possible in the planning process.

For example, how email marketing data is stored and organized could have a particular bearing on the amount of work required to implement integrated multichannel marketing. Accordingly, marketers might want to use something other than an email address as a unique record identifier.

Using a generic customer ID number as the unique record number will provide data management benefits if data from other channels and applications are integrated with email marketing data. It also allows for householding because if the record identifier is not an email address, you can have multiple email addresses associated with one household customer record identifier.

It will help if you plan your email marketing efforts to become a central and integrated part of your overall corporate marketing. Mapping out the data you want to collect and how it will be organized is vital to ensuring success and efficiency down the road.

Create a powerful email marketing funnel for leverage

An email marketing funnel or known as triggered continuity campaigns, allowing your mailing to be triggered by an event, such as a customer click-through or an elapsed timed event, is referred to as a triggered mailing. Some free email marketing automation tools offer free subscription if you are just about to start your online venture.

You may want to check out some of these email automation tools to build your first funnel:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Active campaign
  • Campaign monitor
  • last but not least, Hubspot

Once you approach the aforementioned behavioural segmentation strategy will allow you to craft mailings triggered by behaviours and events, thus reusing messages designed for other subscribers. This approach is typically used in welcome campaigns for new subscribers. This approach is also applied to some of the transactional and service opportunities.

Except for welcome campaigns, triggered continuity campaigns aspire to and not necessarily required on a day-one launch. Understanding the role of triggered campaigns as a tactic in your email strategy will create an effective vendor selection process.

Wrap up

Begin with the end in mind; incorporate testing and use frequency caps. Ensure that email marketing mailings focus on goals by incorporating regular testing into marketing campaigns. Tests should focus on variables that are levers for attaining target goals.

Working backward from a specific goal will ensure that optimization practices such as testing are part of the mailing process. Additionally, determine the maximum number of messages subscribers will receive in a given month. This is referred to as a frequency cap.

Typically, marketers mail once per week. However, you should develop a contact strategy that incorporates frequency rules to avoid “burning out” subscribers.

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