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7 Most Practical Tips to Improve Google Ads CTR

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7 Most Practical Tips to Improve Google Ads CTR

As a marketer, you probably have tried everything in order to achieve high CTR (Click-Through-Rate). But now you’re a little bit lost, as your website does not gain enough clicks. It is time to find out how your website can gain more clicks and what actions need to be taken. 

In this article, you’ll find 7 proven ways on how to improve your Google Ads Click-Through Rate. 

If you are a newbie to Google AdWord and not yet understand what CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is, please refer to this article “What is Click-Through Rate (CTR): 5 Important Things You Need To Know”

    Increase Quality Score to obtain more clicks 

    First of all, what is a quality score? Quality Score is used as a metric in search engines, that influence the ad ranking. It evaluates each keyword on your account from 0 to 10. Also, it measures the relevance and quality of your ad. 

    Based on the Quality Score, Google will decide how to place your ad. The higher the Quality Score, the more likely your ad will achieve high rankings. 

    According to the article about Google Ads, there are 3 factors that affect the Quality Score:

    • Expected CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
    • Ad Relevance 
    • Landing page Experience
    To increase the ads Quality Score, check your website for those three above factors. 

    Set up the ad extensions to make the ad more visible

    There are about ten types of ad extensions that can be used. The types of ad extensions you will use will depend on the type of campaign your business is running. 

    One of the types of ad extensions is a location extension. If you offer the product or service locally, this extension would be useful, as it will display the address, so people will know where to find your business. If you haven’t set up the ad extensions, then you need to do it as soon as possible, because it improves your CTR dramatically. 

    Add symbols to gain more attention 

    Symbols are a useful tool that helps to grab the reader’s attention, as they make the content stand out. Choose those symbols that you think will make your ad more unique and more competitive advantages. 

    Add the focused keyword that you’re bidding on into the URL of the ad

    At the time of reading this post, we assume you must know the importance of relevant keywords, so it is vital to include the focused keyword in the landing page’s URL. 

    The keyword gives a clearer idea about the ad to the reader, help reach the targeted audience when they search for similar keywords that you are biding. 

    By adding the relevant keywords in your landing page’s URL, your audience will understand whether the ad will lead them to the relevant information they are searching for, which means whether they’re going to click it or not. So, always make sure that the main keyword is in the URL.

    A/B Testing: Test, test, and once again test

    Testing is one of the most useful ways to identify which ad performs better. It is recommended to have more than one ad. When you are testing the ads you can discover new insights and ideas that will help to improve your Google CTR. 

    You can remove the ad that performs poorly and put another one to test. Try to switch the poor ads to the new one so you do not leave too many ads. When you’re having too many ads, your click-through rate will likely decrease and become less relevant. 

    Convert more leads by using call-to-actions

    It is well-known among marketers that CTA (call-to-action) help acquire more clicks and convert more leads. When you write an ad script, include proven call-to-action words like “Buy Now”, “Try Now” or “Book Now” to make the readers click on your ads. 

    CTA is an essential element for your Google Ads if you want to have high CTR, given that there is a big difference in the number of clicks between the ad with CTA and the one without CTA. 

    Highlight your pricing in your ad content 

    Price is one of the most important information for the reader because usually based on it the readers decide whether they will consider purchasing your company’s product or service. So, if your item is cheap, highlight the price, as it will attract more clicks to your Google Ad. 

    These 7 tips might help you increase your Google AdWord click-through rate, which eventually helps bring more conversions to your website.

     If you are looking for an agency to help your business improve Google Ads performance and conversion rate, please check out The Hash Agency website and book a FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss how your business can obtain more conversions. 

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