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All about Social Media Messaging Apps

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All about Social Media Messaging Apps

As more interactions on social media have gone from public to private, and more people access these platforms from their phones, social media marketers must find new and clever ways to appeal to a mobile audience. 

    Live chat and social media messaging apps must be a key part of a company’s marketing mix to reach people where they engage privately with their closest circles. 

    You may have used these  social media messaging apps:

    • Facebook Messenger, 
    • WhatsApp, 
    • and Snapchat.

    These are popular chat-based social media apps where consumers communicate in short messages, one-to-one, or in small group chats similar to SMS texting on mobile devices. 

    Unlike texting, these platforms are free to use, available internationally, provide a range of features, sometimes have stronger security, and offer a private space for family and friends to connect as long as there is an internet connection. 

    Due to their popularity, many organizations are already active on these apps, especially because these social networks tend to have a particularly active user base. Like how U.S. consumers on WhatsApp are active on the chat app for two minutes on average each time they use it to communicate. 

    Keeping this level of engagement in mind, companies are using these messaging apps in a variety of productive ways to achieve their marketing goals. 

    In this article, you will explore the use cases of the most widely used chat and messaging-based social media networks. Knowing the distinct use cases for this category of social networks will help marketers adapt their approach to this emerging opportunity to reach customers where they communicate one-to-one.

    Facebook Messenger

    First off, Facebook Messenger is commonly used by businesses to serve relevant advertising to users by highlighting ads in a person’s inbox. 

    Another business use case of Messenger is having it act as an alternative to an email newsletter by having customers opt in to receiving messages from organizations they want to hear from. 

    One final popular use case of Messenger and a few other chat apps are offering customer service either live, by using canned responses, or with chatbots automating different concierge experiences like booking a haircut. 


    Secondly, there’s WhatsApp. 

    WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook and it’s frequently used by small businesses to provide customer service support at scale either in real-time or with automated responses.

    Soon, advertisers will be able to serve ads within a WhatsApp status which are similar to the idea of Instagram Stories or Snapchat Snaps that disappear in 24 hours. 


    Snapchat is unique compared to the other messaging apps in that there are original content series on the platform in the Discover section where brands actively advertise. 

    Companies usually advertise with short video ads in-between the Snaps a person is viewing from their friends or other accounts they follow and interact with. 

    To get the attention of the app’s younger user base, brands often sponsor the platform’s unique features by releasing their own lenses and filters in addition to using Snap and Story ads.

    It is important to note that unlike the other messaging apps, organizations don’t provide customer service on Snapchat since the content shared there expires. 

    Keep these messaging-based social networks in mind as more conversations move from public to private channels and your organization adapts to be where your audience is active.

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