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How to Craft Engaging Social Media Messages?

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How to Craft Engaging Social Media Messages

Marketing often gets a bad wrap because a lot of it is disruptive and aimless. 

Social media is an opportunity to do better than that by crafting engaging, relevant and complementary messaging that serves customers and as a result drives business outcomes. 

In this article, you will learn how to craft messaging for social media on topics of interest to your business’ audience. Producing a campaign on social media is distinct from the messaging on other channels, requiring an understanding of best practices. 

    When deciding what you will be publishing on social media, start by identifying topics that are so valuable that your customers will want to opt in to receive your messaging. 

    It is recommended coming up with three to five overarching categories of topics to direct what themes you will consistently address on social media. 

    A strong example of this comes from a popular men’s shaving brand that continually covers grooming and hygiene tips, comedic life hacks, and deep dives into common health questions. 

    By regularly producing articles and posts on social media about these categories of topics, the brand has carved out a niche for itself with its customers beyond promoting its products. 

    To emulate their success, brainstorm different topic options to narrow in on what themes will best guide your future messaging on social media. 

    But how do you choose topics that are the right fit for your customers and your company? 

    Choosing engaging topics 

    By ensuring their engaging, relevant and complementary. First off, choosing engaging topics means that the stories you’re telling aren’t always promotional but instead are entertaining, educational, value-driven or a combo of all three. 

    When a story you’re telling on social media is enjoyable, teaches something useful or expresses your viewpoint on an important topic, it’s more likely to be engaging to a customer.

    It’s okay to talk about the benefits of your products and services sometimes, but moving your messaging beyond that is an opportunity to connect with customers in an unexpected way. 

    Choose relevant topics

    Next, you want to choose topics that are relevant to your customers. 

    Basically, do they have any reason to care about what you are saying? This is where your customer personas come into play as the interest your audience has and the challenges they face should guide which topics you’re addressing. 

    For the shaving brand mentioned earlier in this article, they are thinking critically about how to best answer the questions their customer base of men is likely asking about their grooming routines.

    Match your Brand Vision and Mision  

    And lastly, these topics need to be complementary to what your company actually does and what the organization is reasonably expected to know. 

    While you certainly have the creative freedom to cover a wide range of topics, it’s important the connection between your messaging and what you offer as an organization is clear. 

    This is why it makes sense for that shaving brand to offer grooming tips and witty life hacks, as it’s logical for a company that sells razors and shaving cream to have this expertise.

    Being thoughtful about aligning your marketing topics and themes with your brand can help build a better understanding of what your company uniquely offers. 

    Earn the permission to communicate with your audience on social media by ensuring the topics your messaging addresses are always engaging, relevant and complementary.

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