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Branding & Email Marketing: Effective Email Marketing to Create Brand Impact

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Effective Email Marketing to Create Brand Impact

When your company is writing an e-mail to the customers, it is crucial to understand what kind of influence the brand wants to leave. E-mail is a channel of showing the power of the brand and if the message has a strong idea behind it, then it is likely to impact the clients. Each e-mail that had been sent from the brand is building the company’s image. One wrong word or sentence can ruin even the strongest building without having an opportunity to fix it.

So how to build a brand impact via e-mail? In this article, we will discuss what criteria your company needs to follow, to bring more value to the brand. And also, we will look at how to obtain an e-mail list legally and what the required content must be included in your e-mail.

    Analyzing what kind of value your e-mails carry

    When an e-mail reaches its destinations, the receiver always about thinks whether to open it or not. Most likely, when considering the person will look at the name, from whom the e-mail is coming, and what the subject of the message is. There were many research papers on the question, whether the name or the subject is more important, however, there is no exact answer. It depends on a variety of factors like on what kind of device the e-mail has been read, or under which environmental circumstances. To succeed in e-mail marketing, the company must determine the amount of brand equity the message is carrying. 

    Calculating the value of the e-mails by using Heatmapping 

    Heat map analysis or Heatmapping is a well-known testing strategy, that determines the value of your company’s e-mails. The test is conducted by sending the e-mail to a sampling of representative readers and recording their behaviour. But what kind of data should be collected? It would be good to collect information like in which order the reader is looking at the items inside the inbox and the amount of time the readers spend on your e-mail. This information can be gathered using the eye-tracking machine. Though it cannot fully give a clear answer on how much brand equity the e-mails convey, it will allow you to see the customers’ behaviour towards the message. 

    The importance of understanding customers’ behaviour 

    If the e-mail has been sent but the open rate is low, then the company has to reconsider its e-mail marketing strategy. People tend to think that the offer inside the e-mail is the most important factor in the success of e-mail marketing, but it is not true. The customer’s choice to read or not to directly depends on whether the customer is aware of the brand and whether the customer trusts the brand. So, it is especially crucial to start-up companies or the brands convey a sense of low trust. 

    Important factors you need to consider before starting your email marketing campaign

    Are you complying with Spam Laws?

    Though it is vital to write the e-mail that will impact, it is also crucial to write it in the correct way. Your electronic message must comply with Spam Laws, if it doesn’t then your company is breaking a law. To familiarize yourself with the rules, read the CAN-SPAM Act at https://www.acma.gov.au/avoid-sending-spam. This link is only for informative purposes and shouldn’t be used to make decisions. To be sure whether you act legally seek professional advice from your attorney. 

    Are you obtaining e-mail addresses legally?

    Remember, before sending any type of content you have to have permission from the receiver. Always make sure that your company has collected the customers’ e-mails through the legal method. Here are some tips on how to avoid future problems related to e-mail list: 

    • Never buy an e-mail list from anyone or any company that lets you keep the e-mail addresses as a data file. 
    • Never obtain e-mail addresses from any websites and other online directories
    • Never use an e-mail collection service 
    • Never borrow any e-mail list from other companies 
    • Never rent an e-mail list unless you are sure that the list rental company acts legally.

    Are you adding the required content in your e-mail?

    Here is some required content that must be included in your e-mail according to CAN-SPAM

    • Though you always want your customers to subscribe to a newsletter, the law requires you to allow customers the ability to opt-out from receiving future e-mails. 
    • Your e-mail always must include your physical address
    • Your e-mail header information must always clearly display your business and must not mislead in any way 
    • Always make sure your e-mail’s Subject is not misleading 
    • Always make sure that your electronic e-mails comply with any guidelines regarding sexually-oriented material

    By following these tips you are removing unnecessary problems with the laws. 

    Now you know how it is essential to evaluate how much brand equity your e-mails carry on, as it determines whether your e-mail market strategy is working. Using the heat map analysis, you can identify the challenges that your company needs to overcome. If you would like to know more about e-mail marketing check out The Hash Agency. We also provide a variety of digital marketing services that will help your business to stand out. 

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