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The Importance of E-mail Marketing and 5 Types of Email Messages Marketers Should Know

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The importance of e-mail marketing

Since you start doing shopping online, you probably have found in your e-mail box over 100 messages from different brands regarding the latest deals and discounts. Well, it is called e-mail marketing. E-commerce companies know the value of e-mail marketing and that is why they always optimize to have a better e-mail marketing strategy to send out weekly e-mails to their current customers and the potential ones.

We will discover why e-mail marketing is essential, different types of e-mail, and what e-mails mean to the audience.

    What is e-mail marketing?

    E-mail marketing is the process, where the brand is sending out e-mails to the audience in order to engage with customers or to generate sales. Almost all e-commerce businesses consider e-mail marketing as an essential part of their marketing strategy, which is why they spend many hours creating messages and building an e-mail list. 

    5 General Types of E-mail Messages

    Before starting sending out any promotional messages, you should first answer questions like why your company needs to set up e-mail marketing, what kind of message your business is trying to deliver, and how you will figure out whether your customers not only understand a message but also take an action. After answering those questions, you are now ready to implement an e-mail marketing strategy.

    Marketers believe that all promotional messages can be divided into 5 main types:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Conversion
    • Re-engagement e-mails
    • Loyalty


    For now, think about what is your brand about and what your customers need to know about your product or service. The main goal of awareness-focused e-mails is to push the clients to engage more with the business or its product. For example, if your brand is planning to release a new product, you will probably want to bring some awareness around it. You can create a message, where you include general information about the product like price, the benefits of it, and when it will be available. 


    When it comes to the consideration type of e-mails, they usually contain educational features and their main purpose is to drive customers to take actions or to try your product or service, depending on what your business is offering. The messages could include sentences starting with “Try out ….” or “Get a taste of …”.


    Now, let’s have a look at conversion e-mail messages. This type of message is extremely important as they are bringing conversion. The marketers need to be careful when sending this type of e-mails, because if the buyers are not in the mood of purchase and they receive the messages that have the word “Buy”, they might find it annoying and click on the unsubscribe button. This means that the customer doesn’t want to engage with your brand or the product anymore.

    Re-engagement e-mails

    A lot of marketers after getting conversion on the previous stage, start slacking off and changing focus on other marketing strategies. And this is where the companies are starting to losing their customers.

    Have you ever realized that after purchasing an item you right away receive a confirmation e-mail and then, after a week you get a survey regarding the purchased item? Those e-mails are also part of e-mail marketing. The brand is trying to keep your engagement with the brand and its products and also to show you that the company is caring about your opinion.


    Same as re-engagement e-mails, loyalty ones are also sent after the transaction has been made. The difference between re-engagement and loyalty is that re-engagement is trying to encourage their customers to share their opinions with friends and families about the product they’ve purchased, while loyalty ones are focusing more on building a long-term relationship. Usually, the loyalty messages aren’t consisting much of sales-oriented content bur rather focusing on reassuring the customers that they have made the right choice by buying the product or service. 

    The best part of e-mail marketing is that it is easy to implement and it is also a low-cost strategy. Since you know what kind of e-mails your business needs to send to the audience, it is time to take actions. If you want to find more ways to reach out to your buyers, visit The Hash Agency website and book a FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss your next e-mail marketing campaigns. 

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