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Email Marketing: General Rules and Tips Marketers Should Know

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General Rules and Tips Marketers Should Know

Last time we talked about what kind of types of e-mails exist and how to run e-mail marketing effectively. Now it is crucial to understand how to write an intelligent e-mail. When the reader is opening the e-mail, they have a particular expectation for what’s going to be inside that message. The marketer’s goal is to predict what’s in the reader’s mind beforehand and add that content or offer in the e-mail. But how can we predict?

This article will introduce you with general rules of intelligent e-mail and also will provide some tips on how to write an effective e-mail.

    General rules of Intelligent E-mail 

    To type an e-mail that will have an impact on consumers, the marketers need to have a clear picture of what customers are expecting or thinking when they are opening the e-mail. Here are some elements you need to consider before sending an e-mail. 

    • When you are writing, don’t think that the person to whom you’re addressing the e-mail has seen your ad TV, in-store, or anywhere else. Always try to be clear and don’t try to confuse the receiver by adding extensions of the ad without referencing the original one. 
    • Remember the receiver don’t read all your e-mails. When you are typing an e-mail always make sure you hadn’t included any misleading information that might confuse the reader. Most of the time, the receiver doesn’t read all the e-mails, so be extremely careful when writing content. 
    • Always write an e-mail in a way, that will give the feeling to the reader that you know what they are thinking about 
    • Don’t forget that the first time when the reader sees your message might not be inside the e-mail inbox. With the latest technology, when we are receiving an e-mail, we at the same time get a notification on the phone. And when the e-mail alert appeared on the small devices, the message can be shown differently from what you see when you go to the e-mail inbox. So always make sure, that is mobile-friendly. 

    5 Essential tips for writing an effective e-mail 

    Let’s learn how to write a professional and effective e-mail with the following tips:

    • Subject line. Before e-mailing someone, make sure that you include the subject of the e-mail. The subject of the message should match with the content of the e-mail. As sometimes, when the reader wants to find the message regarding a particular topic, the reader will type in particular words that related to the topic. So in order, to match those search words it is extremely important to write relevant words in the Subject line. 
    • Keep it simple and short. Don’t try to write a 10-page essay as no one have time and patience to read it. 
    • Avoid unnecessary exclamation marks and no emojis. Even if you are excited about something, try not to overwrite the exclamation marks as the e-mail will look unprofessional. Also, never use emojis, as it’s not a social media chat but a business e-mail. 
    • Proofread your e-mail before dispatching. You will find it embarrassing if you sent an e-mail and realized that you have made a stupid mistake. To avoid that always proofread your e-mail to keep yourself from this kind of situation 
    • Legal issues. To avoid any legal issues, never put any words or sentences that will be considered as defamatory comments, harassment, admitting of wrong-doings, any accusations, and any other types of content that might lead to legal problems. 

    We have discussed how to write an effective e-mail and also what factors need to be taken into consideration before addressing the message to someone. To keep a professional image, it is necessary to know the rules of intelligent e-mails. If you’re looking for professional advice, check out The Hash Agency services.

    You can also book a FREE 30-minute consultation with us to find out how to implement a successful e-mail marketing strategy. 

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