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Email Marketing Best Practices: Sale Boost Secrets Unveil

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Email Marketing Best Practices

If you are using Mailchimp or Hubspot, you can check your email open rate in Campaign section. We bet you may feel losing motivation sometimes by looking at low email open rate or when it doesn’t meet your expectation in your marketing plan.

How to increase email open rate?

How to trigger sales?

How to plan and run a perfect email marketing campaign?

Well, read more in this article and find out your answers. We don’t guarantee that you will get more sales or your email open rate with increase tremendously after reading and following this article. But, we 100% guarantee that this article may give you some ideas about how to optimize your email marketing campaign so you may achieve your business targets in the marketing plan. 

    Trigger sales: Method 1

    Now, we assume that you understand the power of newsletter emails. When any visitor decides to be your follower and opt-in for your newsletter, it simply means that you have done some “good things” that inspires him, and he expects to receive your weekly/ monthly newsletter about related to the product and service you provide. If you promise to give away some gifts or sending them useful resources by subscribing, then do it. But, never ever SPAM your subscribers.

    So, how can my business trigger sales when sending newsletter emails? 

    Well, when writing to your customers with updates, events, news or give away gifts. Include a section at the end of the email mentioning your product or service.

    For example:

    “Do you know our new products ABC is just launched. Grab this discount code to get 5% off”

    “Are you struggling in ‘…………’ Talk to our industry expert now. It’s a FREE consultation” 

    Let’s have a quick look at recent newsletters from Alison to see how they trigger sales in their newsletter emails.

    Alison newsletter email

    Picture 1: Alison newsletter email 

    (Did you notice what they included in their email’s top and footer section?)

    Trigger sales: Method 2

    In the first method, we learn about how to trigger sales in newsletter emails. But there is more, you can trigger sales when you send out automation email such as:

    • New subscriber welcome email

    • Birthday offer email

    • Registration confirmations email

    • Purchase receipts email

    • Abandonment of a shopping cart

    • Reengagement after a subscriber has ignored your brand emails for a specific


    Read more about understanding marketing emails type and how to run it effectively. No matter what your company size is, frequently engaging with customers is really an important fact that any business can’t be negligence. It’s important to understand the types of marketing emails that you send to clients or followers. The key to success in email marketing is employing the right type of email at the right time. 

    Now, to know more about what other brands are doing to trigger sales in their “welcome” email.

    Welcome Back email from Adidas
    Picture 3: Welcome Back email from Adidas

    By revisiting their website after a long time, Adidas offers their return customer discount code and you can easily redeem online at the checkout process on Adidas online shop.

    Welcome email from Scribd

    Picture 4: Welcome email from Scribd

    (Did you notice they included a free trial in their email’s top section?)

    Make Use of Marketing Automation Software

    With a smart email marketing technologies, you can also do the same and save more time to enjoy a cup of coffee during lunch. Smart email marketing software will help you reduce manual work and spend most of your precious time in planning and optimizing your marketing strategies.

    With some simple set up, the machine understands who is your return customer and hasn’t been interacted with the brand’s website for a long period. Boom! he/she is back, the software will automatically send them a special offer to redeem online or at your business’s nearest branch.

    Email marketing has become a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy. For best practices, you shouldn’t just send every email to every subscriber on your list, and it’s also impossible to spend every day manually sending emails to customers. For these reasons, your emails marketing should be divided into two types different group depends on your customer behaviours and interests. These setting can be easily set-up in all most all of email marketing automation SaaS available these days.

    Talk to us today to start discussing your next email marketing campaign to trigger better sales for your business. Not ready yet? If so, you can spend some time to learn more about our free marketing tools to start creating a marketing plan for your next business goals or read more about how to plan an effective email marketing campaign to create brand impact.

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