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How to achieve more engagement on Instagram Stories for Business?

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Instagram for business story

In today’s world, social media marketing is crucial for engaging current and prospective customers. It’s essential to know the views or reach of our posts, but it is even more important to know how many viewers are taking action on your posts.
Are you wondering how to create engaging Instagram Stories for viewers?
Here, we will share some necessary steps you can execute to increase engagement on your Instagram Stories. 

Provide an exceptional and engaging visual experience

Instagram is the second most widely used social media platform. This is why creating a dependable and exceptional visual brand experience is necessary to establish your online brand uniqueness. 
Social Media Popularity Chart
Source: Statista.com

Developing and posting based on your consumer’s preferences, delivering a vibe that connects the customer to your page. For instance, the GoPro’s Instagram feed not only interacts with consumers but develops the vibe of wanderlust which keeps the users connected. 

Make use of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an influential feature that intensifies the connection of a brand with its viewers. The stories allow one to share the brand story authentically without overposting the feed. It allows viewers to know your brand story pleasantly and genuinely. For instance, you can go live or post a story showing ‘behind the scenes’ to connect the audience with your company’s culture. Additionally, the stories allow a business to interact with consumers and know them better through functions like polls or ask a question etc. 
The highlight feature allows saving the stories and displays on the profile. The highlights can act as a menu guiding consumers to different products, services and promotions or highlighting your key events for new visitors on the profile.
Instagram has developed into the position to post extremely stylised, curated photos in stories of “ideal minutes”. 

Post content frequently

You must post the Instagram Stories on a habitual basis. You don’t require posts every day, but you need to post it regularly at a tempo that works for you. This maintains the interest of the consumer and keeps them updated about the brand. It can be only once a week or thrice a week, be consistent with a timetable that your viewers can expect. The frequency of posting stories is up to you.

Make a weekly sequence

Put into practice a weekly sequence. This allows people to know what they can expect to hear from you on any particular day. It provides them with something to look forward to and turns into an added way where people can connect with you.

Enlarge how-to and recommend content

You can utilise stories to share a how-to or recommendation which resonates with your audience. This is a well-known method. Portrait your ideal customer and imagine about what type of content they might be interested or are expecting. Then only you can make them energised every time they spot a fresh story from you.
All businesses can generate lesson videos or share guidance linked to their products and services.

Interactive Stories

Interactive Stories can be one of the greatest opportunities to interact with the customer.
For example, the stories about competitions or contests keep the consumer intrigued in your brand. Apply this idea to your Instagram Stories – you can reward a prize to people who will fill out your review, or reward a separate giveaway if they use the screenshot and repost it and tag you in their story. This not only keeps the customer engaged but increases brand advocacy. 
In a nutshell, Instagram is a perfect social medium for constructing and impressing your brand story engagingly and genuinely. It helps to improve the brand reach by expanding your brand’s message in an extremely interactive manner to the engaged viewers.

The Hash Agency team is made up of expert marketers, developers, designers, and we are responsive to what it takes to get real results online. We focus on the metrics which generate leads and produce revenues. To us, our clients’ accomplishments are the most exceptional measures of our performance.
Through our years of knowledge, we’ve learned that each channel has its own set of advantages. Instagram is among some of the most important ones which resonate with a younger audience. We will help you in creating Instagram stories for engaging clients. That’s how we give complete service strategies to all our consumers, and use a blend of digital channels to enhance visibility, conversions and profits.
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