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Know all about the landing pages | Top 5 tools for high conversion rate

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tips to build converted landing page design

Landing pages are the call-to-action pages that are used to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form. They are structured to garner maximum conversion rates and are characterised by clear call-to-action options. Landing pages are a useful conversion tool that targets a business’s audience, trade with them something of value in return of information about who they are and what information they are interested in, converting a higher percentage of your visitors into leads.

    How to create a captivating landing page?

    Creating a landing page can be accomplished in these easy steps:

    • Captivating headline: Give an attractive and captivating headline to your landing page. Best converting landing pages pay attention to long-tail keywords and do consumer research.
    • A clear message: The one formula that you need to remember is that visitors have a short attention span. So, be sure to convey your message in less than 5 seconds. For example, if you are building real estate landing pages, be sure to include location, carpet area, and price. Be sure to create a mobile app landing page too. Include images for an attractive outlook.
    • Have a clear outline: The best way to achieve this is by writing in bullet points. This way, visitors get a gist of your message in the shortest time.
    • Have form: The sole purpose of building a landing page is to get the visitors’ information. So, keep the form simply, professional and succinct. Just ask for a name, email id, phone number, and any other relevant information. Do not ask for too much information.
    • No site navigation: Lead generation landing page needs to have no site navigation. This prevents visitors from straying away from the landing page.
    • Clear instructions: While making the form, ensure that it has clear instructions on it. Your visitors should not face any issue in filling out the form.
    • Make the form shareable: These days, sharing on social networking sites is popular. So remember to include the shareable link to your form. This will help in getting more leads through word of mouth.
    • Add genuine reviews: When visitors see that previous clients had a pleasant experience, they develop trust in you. So, always remember to include honest reviews on your landing page.

    Advantages of landing pages

    Creating a high converting landing page has the following advantages:

    • Creates brand awareness: Landing pages allow visitors to know more about the brand. It helps in creating a loyal customer base.
    • Helps in advertisement and promotion: You can promote your new product, services, and schemes through your google ads landing page.
    • Helps in lead generation: Landing pages attract visitors and eventually convert them into customers. So having a user-friendly landing page is important.
    • Increases website traffic: If you are not getting organic traffic, you can resort to landing pages that convert visitors into consumers. It increases web traffic and searches traffic, leading to more popularity of your enterprise.

    Top 5 tools for high conversion rate

    Here are five tools which you can use for garnering high conversion rates:

    1. A/B Testing: You can use it for content customisation, multivariate testing, and A/B testing.
    2. Browser Stack: You can use it to test your landing page across different web browsers.
    3. Clicky: You can use it for monitoring and analysing your website’s traffic.
    4. Adobe Analytics: You can use it to analyse your customer base and create marketing strategies.
    5. Projects by GrowthHackers: You can use it for testing and making reports on your website efficiently.

    If you are planning for a captivating WordPress landing page for getting more leads, The Hash Agency is your one-stop solution.

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