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How to choose the Right Keywords To Use for Google Ads?

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Right keywords and phrases are the key elements of successful PPC(Pay-Per-Click) ads. By choosing relevant keywords, we can attract new customers and increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

The performance of your ad directly depends on the keywords that you applied. So, the question is how to choose the right keywords for your Google Ads?

This article will show 5 essential steps that will help you find the right keywords for your Google Ads that will bring more conversions.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Put yourself in the customer’s shoes”, and it is a perfect idea to try to think from the customer’s perspective.

Understanding customer’s needs and wants are crucial, and it’s an answer to most marketing problems.

When you know how the customer’s mind works, it is easier for you to choose the keywords that will attract and encourage the customer to take action.

Create a list of keywords

To better analyze which keywords you will use for your Google Ads, it is highly recommended to create an Excel spreadsheet.

Always start with broad keywords and steadily move to more specific ones. Also, it is necessary to include different variations of keywords.

To determine which keyword performs better, test it, and if you see that the keyword doesn’t perform well, swap with another one.

Look for specific and relevant keywords.

After you’ve created a list of keywords, identify keywords that are the most specific and relevant.

It would help if you did not use broad keywords, as you want to make sure that the customer comprehends an ad correctly.

When you’re writing content for your paid search ad, always make sure to avoid the general keywords and only use the most relevant ones.

Target by location

Always optimize your ad by location.

When you’re setting the ad to a particular location, you’re informing the customers where your business is running.

Additionally, with this feature, your ad is appearing to the customers that you’re targeting.

Use Google Ads Keywords Tool for more idea.

If you’re struggling to find more keywords, try out Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool will bring you more ideas and also expand your keyword list.

You need to submit the word, phrase, or a page related to your Google Ad, and then pick the words the most relevant keywords from the results.

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