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How to run online business marketing campaigns at low cost. Secrets Unveil!

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How to do online business marketing at low cost

Since we know now the importance of e-commerce for the business, it is time to have a marketing strategy. 

As social media is becoming an essential part of our daily life, many companies have realized the power of online marketing for the e-business and how vital it is to have the marketing strategy. 

Online marketing is not only about ads on social media, but also e-newsletter, blogging, press releases and other online tools. 

As we know that the most basic concept in Marketing is 4P’s: product, price, promotion and place and today we will talk about the promotion. 

This article will give some insights on how to promote your business online and what kind of software to use to bring more customers to your websites. 

    Marketing on Social Media 

    When launching an online store, a lot of companies are trying to save as much money as they can or if it is a start-up company and resources are limited, then they are trying to find a way to spend less and due to these factors, there is not enough budget for marketing promotion. 

    So, how can the businesses start to promote their brands without spending millions?

     Well, the answer is simple, open an account on social media. To survive in such a competitive online market becomes more and more challenging, the business should start doing online campaigns. 


    According to Our World in Data, Facebook is the largest social media platform with around 2.4 billion users. 

    Facebook is not allowing to share photos, videos, and other contents but also gives an opportunity to business to promote their products or services. 

    Using Facebook tools, your company can create a business page, where you can add a shop now button, so the users can purchase your product or service. 

    If you want to have a broadcast, where you can share the information about the products, then you can try to do Facebook Live. Facebook

     Live is an online video session that allows you to engage with users on a real-time basis. 


    After Google and Facebook, YouTube is considered as the third most visited platform based on Brandwatch reports. 

    According to the same reports, around 1.9 billion people are logging every month. These impressive numbers tell us, how much opportunities the social media platform can give us. 

    It is totally free to upload a video on YouTube therefore it is a great chance for the company to perform online marketing on this platform. 

    Though, if you want your ad to appear at the beginning of the video across YouTube you would have to pay a few million. 


    The next biggest platform that has been gaining popularity is TikTok, that was launched in September 2016. 

    TikTok is a video-sharing platform, with 800 million active users based on Oberlo. If your business is targeting teenagers, then it is a good place to start promotion. 

    A lot of boutiques are asking influencers to do TikTok videos, where they are changing outfits every few seconds. 

    By promoting this way, boutiques can gain more customers and increase brand awareness. 


    Instagram is another platform, where you can use visuals tools to promote your brand. Same as Facebook, Instagram allows changing the page into a business account. 

    With a business account, companies have the ability to access the visit statistics, numbers of likes and ability to do paid ads on social media. 


    If your business offering professional services, then LinkedIn is an ideal place to start promotion. 

    LinkedIn connects business professionals from all over the world. 

    The language on LinkedIn is more formal compared to other social media platforms. 

    You can create a free LinkedIn Company page, where you can put website URL, description and publish and share content relevant to your products or services.

    Make Use of Marketing Tools 

    Before we discussed different social media platform, where business can promote their products or services for FREE. Now it is time to discover other online marketing ways. 


    When checking e-mail, we often bump into promotion e-mails from companies. E-newsletters are another inexpensive way to make customers stay informed about the latest updates of brands’ products. Here is some e-mail marketing software: 

    • Mail Chimp: the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow your business on your terms.
    • Aweber: Powerfully-simple email marketing software
    • Sendgrid: Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email
    • Zoho: Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that helps businesses drive more sales. 
    • Constant Contact: With Constant Contact, you can create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals.

    With the e-mail marketing software presented above, you are ready to send out the e-mail to your current customers and also potential ones. 

    Press Release

    A press release is another inexpensive way to communicate with the public about the new product or service. 

    A proper written press release can be published in a newspaper or magazine, that will help to gain attention from the public. 

    Also, a press release can appear on someone’s blog or any other online websites. 

    The following are some press release websites: 

    • Pr.com: Paid and free press release distribution
    • Newswire: Best Top PR press release & newswire distribution service
    • Prezly: A solution to help you manage Corporate Communications

    So apart from social media platforms, you can either start to send out an e-newsletter or distribute press release using the websites above. 

    Now you know why it is important to use social media as a marketing tool and what software your business can apply to promote the products or services without paying millions of dollars. 

    Check out The Hash Agency to find out more about online marketing services. Our professionals will help you to analyze your online marketing strategy and will give a recommendation on how your marketing strategy can be improved. 

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