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5 Essential Rules To Build An E-commerce Website

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Previously, we talked about the era of e-commerce and its advantage. But how to build a successful e-commerce website like Amazon and eBay? Well, to build a profitable e-commerce business we must make sure that the customer can smoothly do shopping online without facing any issues.  And this is considered as a fundamental principle when setting up an online shop. So how can the brand provide the best shopping experience for the customers?

Today, we will present 5 essential rules that will help your website to run smoothly making the cart abandonment rate as low as possible.

     Creating a website for customers  

      Most of the time your customers are coming from different backgrounds, basically from different demographic groups. And to make sure that you are not treating them equally you need to set up a website that can be used by anyone. The website must be as simple as possible, so the customers do not need to spend hours overthinking.  

       User-friendly UX Design

        How to gain customers’ trust? How

         does the company make sure that their customers will comeback? It is not enough to just make the website user-friendly. Though it depends on the type of the site, but the website should not only usable, but also have a good mix of creative design, content, and a strong brand presence so it can build a strong bond between the bran and its customers. 

         User Experience

          As mentioned before, usability is not only important criteria, there is also user experience. Just making the website usable, does not always mean that the site will be used. Here are some suggestions on how the website can be improved, so it can provide an exceptional user experience: 

          • Product Detail Page

          While some retailers spend too much time designing a landing page, it is recommended to put more focus on the product detail page. On the product detail page, all the key information must be included, so the customers can find the answers to the questions that they are looking for. Now, a lot of e-retailers have so-called “no-click” feature, where you can swipe to see other pictures, without clicking. 

          • Checkout Page

          Like the product detail page, the checkout page must not be neglected. The checkout process must take a reasonable number of steps, as too many steps will end up making the customers to give up on the purchase. While too quick checkout will give the feeling as if the customer has lost control. If you push the customer to fill out credit card information too soon, that the cart will be likely to be abandoned. Another example is when there are some hidden costs that will make the customers feel that are being fooled. 

          • Safety & Security

          Another area that is also crucial is security. When the customers are browsing online and doing some purchases, the company must inform the customer about the privacy policy. By promising that all the provided information is in a secure place and will not be leaked to third parties without their consent, the customer will have more trust. 

          • Page Weight

          The last aspect we are going to talk about is the page weight. Page weight is determined by the size of the file plus every picture, every line of code and anything that is loading when the visitor is landing on the page. 

           Engaging Content and Social Media

            We cannot ignore the power of engaging content and social media when we talk about user experience. To build a profitable e-commerce business, the company should engage the customers and use social media to communicate with them. Since social media is used as a channel to build the relationship between the brand and the customers, it is important to have business pages on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, that has a big audience.

            Encouraging customers

              Motivating the customers to shop again is another challenge for the marketers. There are some basic tips on how to encourage customers to come back.

                      “Thank you; Hope to see you soon”. This is a simple message, that leaves the image that the company cares about their customers and therefore encourage them to come back and shop again. The message can appear after the customer has finished purchasing, or it can be shown in the e-invoice.

                      Vouchers. Some e-retailers give a voucher or a discount for the next purchase. These small presents from the brand not only motivate to do shopping but also turning one-time customers into loyal ones.

              We discussed 5 fundamental rules that every e-commerce retails must follow in order to set up a successful e-commerce website. Creating a website for customers, that is usable and provides a positive user experience is a key to a profitable e-commerce website. Additionally, it is important to write engaging content, use social media as a communication channel as well as encourage existing customers to shop again by displaying the message or providing a voucher. Following these rules, your company is on the path of a successful e-commerce website.

              Visit The Hash Agency to find out more information on how to build a successful e-commerce website and book FREE 30-minute consultation to further discuss on this topic.

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