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Know all about e-commerce website | How it works | Does your business need an e-commerce website?

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COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us to remain indoors. With no stores to visit, people can only shop from E-commerce websites. This has prompted the conventional brick and mortar joints to open their website and manage the business from there. Not only this, but many new ventures are also operating solely through their website. In a time when most of us stay online using a myriad of social networking sites, it is profitable for a business to make an online presence.

Giants like Amzon.com have made home delivery of every good seamless and hassle-free. Many local shops and artisans have started to use the E-commerce platform to sell their products. It is an efficient way to reach the global consumer base. Their success has made many business owners wonder about the E-commerce website. 
Choosing an E-commerce platform is considered too technical and risky. The misconceptions are just because of the lack of information. We have done an extensive article here to cover all your curiosities and apprehensions. Do have a read.

Basics of an E-commerce Website

What is an E-commerce Website?

E-commerce is the short form of electronic commerce. Any business that is done over the internet qualifies as E-commerce. With technical advancement and entrepreneurship, several companies started selling their products online. Businesses have even introduced their dedicated apps so that maximum people can shop from the comfort of their couch using their phones. 

How does the E-commerce website work?

In a conventional shop, you know how to manage things, how to keep a log, and manage accounts. The E-commerce world works in the same way but with a different approach. 

Here is how an E-commerce website works:

E-commerce website and mobile app: 

The first and most important step to the working of E-commerce is creating an E-commerce website. Your website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You should enlist all your products in a way that the customer reaches the desired product with minimal effort. There will be many local E-commerce website design and development companies who can help you build a complete E-commerce website. But, if you are good at programming then you can use open source E-commerce platforms such as AbanteCart or Woocommerce which are completely free.
You can also take a cue from the international e-commerce websites to understand the user interface better and how to improve the E-commerce website design and its functions. Your website must be able to direct the customers to a payment mode, have an easy-to-use checkout interface and handle other simple requests from client sides as browsing, submit a review, and send inquiries to your company via form submission or live chat.

Payment mechanism: 

Allow your customers to have several payment options like PayPal, debit or credit card, net banking, and cash on delivery. Your payment gateway should be SSL encrypted and ensure the utmost security to the customers.

Delivery and return: 

Tie up with a delivery partner to ensure products delivery to the customers. Also, you should have a return and replacement policy and mechanism. 

Why should you have an E-commerce website?

If you are wondering if having an E-commerce website will be good for your business, let us back that up:
  • Saving cost on maintaining shop, inventory management, hiring staff and much more 
  • Convenient and easy to manage as your shop will open 365 days a year
  • Attract buyers over a broader geography with digital ads as social media ads, PPC, shopping ads, etc.
  • Thinking about expanding internationally? Yes, it’s possible
Having an E-commerce website is the need of the hour to prosper and increase outreach. That’s why, we, at The Hash Agency, cater to all your needs regarding online shopping website design and development. We are a world-class E-commerce web development agency that knows how to convert leads and attract maximum customers. Our in-house web developer with experience in E-commerce website and mobile app development can help deliver you a complete, yet  affordable E-commerce website solution that generates sales, optimize for SEO and search engine to increase the online visibility and convert leads.
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