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Baby Steps to Successful Pay per Click Campaign

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Pay per click advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your website. In this blog, we have tried to successfully plan for PPC campaigns and why businesses should utilize them to reach out to potential customers.

PPC or pay per click advertising primarily means paid advertisements through various search engines. You need to pay a small fee to the search engine company when any visitor clicks the paid advertisement link. In return, the search engine displays your ad on the search results page. While this may sound easy, it is essential to have the right ad campaign to attract more visitors efficiently. The basics of PPC in digital marketing are still not well known to most entrepreneurs.

In PPC, the advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine company to display their advertisement at the top of the results page. Unlike organic traffic, this type of advertisement essentially buys visitors and traffic to your website. When a visitor clicks the link, the advertiser has to pay the search engine.

While this may sound not so profitable, it is the most effective way of driving traffic to your site. It is beneficial if your brand is not very well known and struggling to get an audience. Moreover, if your ads are most relevant to the keyword you bid on, and your website is optimized for search engine end users, search engines will usually offer your website prime spots on the search engine page.

How to plan a successful pay per click campaign?

If you are a novice in pay per click advertisement, we have presented below a useful summary of the right approach to do it:

Research keywords

Advertisement is all about attracting attention in a split second. When you do this on a digital text platform, you need to use the most relevant keywords or key phrases. So, you need to perform intensive keywords research.

Use short-tailed as well as long-tailed keywords to expand your reach depending on the context. Do pay attention to LSI keywords, also known as latent semantic indexing, as it is more specific to what your target audiences are searching for. It will direct high-quality customers to your website, who may then convert into paying customers. Use relevant keywords in compelling and useful content together with an effective link building strategy to lower the bounce rate, which means your audiences stay at your site longer and do not lose interest quickly. Also, include negative keywords to exclude non-target audience.

Get customized landing pages.

When a customer clicks on the link, they should reach the required page. Do not direct every one of them to the same page. This will ward off potential customers. Also, ensure that the page loading is fast. This is one of the most important factors, not just to keep the audience stay and explore your website’s content but also to tell search engines that your website is an SEO-friendly website.

Always remember that any visitor has millions of options on the internet. You need to make the most of the opportunity. Please give them the exact information they are looking for. Include a compelling call to action. This will help in converting the visitors into paying customers. You can take help from a Google AdWords marketing agency for the best results.

Improve CTR and quality score

You can do this by creating lots of small ads with different keywords. Each keyword should target a different customer base. Also, you need to constantly review your keywords to expand the list of efficient keywords. This way, you will omit the expensive yet unnecessary ones while including the trending and relevant keywords.

Why should you invest in PPC advertisements?

Many entrepreneurs have this dilemma if they should take help from a paid search marketing agency? The answer is a definite yes!

You should invest in Pay per click ads because of the following reasons:

Offers strategic placement

You get the top spot in the SERP. This attracts leads and could help improve overall conversion rates.

Increases visibility for new firms: Getting organic traffic is difficult. With PPC, your chances of getting noticed increase. Even when you are a newbie, you get to appear alongside your established competitors.


Investment in only carefully selected and specific keywords can make it affordable, even for companies with limited or restricted capital.

PPC marketing programs are an excellent way of generating leads. We at The Hash Agency ensure that you get the best outcomes with our customized and results-oriented Pay Per Click strategies. Our experienced and Google Ads certified specialists would help run your google ad words campaign smoothly to drive leads and conversions. That makes us the right PPC agency for you, providing competitive yet cost-effective PPC services.

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