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Mini guide to Profitable Google Ad Campaign

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Google receives approximately 40,000 queries every second, making it the most used search engine around the globe. Advertisers earn up to $8 for every dollar spent on google ads. This makes Google Ad-words a powerful tool that helps in getting qualified customers (internetlivestats.com).

Planning and executing an AdWords campaign is an exhilarating process. The tool has the power to make or break the most amount of money for a company in a day, which makes efficient AdWords campaign management crucial for a business. Many digital marketers commit the mistake of overlooking minute details like display ads or landing pages. Thus, an organisation needs to leverage the most of every feature for the effective running of the campaign.

Google’s Share of Global Search

Here is a mini-guide to a profitable Google ad campaign:

Understanding the Consumer Demand

Understanding the customer and defining their demands forms the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Knowing the target audience supports the development of relevant ad content and message, satisfying the needs of the business and customers. In addition, having insights into audience’s search patterns allows incorporating relevant keywords to develop a convincing USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If an ad provides a compelling reason for a buyer to choose a business, it can eliminate price comparison shopping, giving that business a competitive advantage.

Determining Budget and Profitability

It is vital for a business to know the amount it can shell out on advertisements per day and month. Google ads campaign runs on the PPC (pay per click) model, i.e. the business pays every time any visitor clicks on its ads. Each click adds to the acquisition cost of a new customer. The Google form has the option where you can put a cap on your daily and monthly expenditures to keep it under the budget.
Comparing the estimated customer acquisition cost with the average profit per customer helps to determine the profitability of the campaign. You can use various tools like Google PPC cost estimator to determine the costs and historical sales data to understand the average profit per customer
One way to keep the expenses low is by going for less popular long-tail keywords. It will drive the specific audience to you who are genuinely interested in your product. 

Display ads

Display ads are the small graphics or short videos that run alongside any website with the purpose get user’s attention and deliver brand information. This is the most effective and omnipresent advertisement on the web. Google’s display network has more than two million multiple platforms (websites, videos, and apps), with an array of audiences that opt in to display Google Ads. The network enables a business to target particular audiences in particular contexts at a particular location. This is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience that possesses similar prospects as your brand’s.

Compatible Landing Page

Having a congruent landing page reassures a visitor that he/she is on the right path due to its relevancy to the keyword searched and the ad clicked.  When users are taken to the home page instead of a targeted landing page, they tend to lose interest and move on to another site to find the right product. This is because the homepage describes all of your services and customers and not highlights the particular product/service that the customer came looking. Thus, having dedicated landing pages makes the entire sales process congruent and contributes to the total success of an ad campaign.

Optimise the ads

The key to a profitable ad campaign is optimising the ads time-to-time. Tools like conversion rate (CVR), click-through rate (CTR) and quality score (QS) helps to track the ad performance and optimise it accordingly. If your product has a high CTR, it portrays the content of the ad matches the user intent while high CVR is a sign of seamless landing page experience matching the ad promise. A good quality score determines the overall shopping experience and impacts the ranking of the site. These tools together help in identifying performance and provides grounds for research of potential issues.

Google PPC online advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a more extensive consumer base. You can carve a niche for your business by letting more people know about it. However, the key to a successful and profitable campaign is proper planning.

The Hash Agency provides Google ads campaign managementservices, ensuring that your ads are optimised for ranking well on the most efficient budget and drive good quality traffic. 

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