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Avoiding these SEO mistakes will refuel your website’s ranking

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Avoiding SEO Mistakes

SEO is one of the marketing channels that reap business benefits over time by pushing a website on the top of search results. It has the capability to increase the website traffic twenty-times better than the pay-per-click ads. Optimising a website to deliver excellent content with the right keywords provide search engines better information to index and display your content within search results. Showing on top in a user’s search result is essential as the majority of the search engine traffic goes maximum through the first two pages.

This is why it is crucial to understand common SEO mistakes in digital content production to avoid them and reap maximum benefits.

 Here is a list of 5 most common SEO mistakes:

    Landing page mishap 

    Your landing page is the gateway to getting your website at the top of Google search results. Often websites content is stuffed with keywords that are either too generic or have a different intent. It is vital to develop a landing page focused on a niche topic that interest the consumer using a mix of primary and long-tail keywords. At the same time, it is crucial not to overstuff the page with them as this will result in the listing of your site as ‘spammy’, hurting the SEO rankings. 

    Always track your website’s keywords by using tools like google keyword planner and also compare it with your competitors’ website for better optimisation. Be vigilant and check website keyword ranking from time to time and keep updating it. 

    A website not optimised for mobiles 

    Optimising a website for mobile has become valuable than ever before. Mobile users comprise of 52.2% of worldwide web-traffic, portraying a vast consumer base (J. Clement, Statista.com). The incoming of Google’s Mobile Index, i.e. google using the website’s mobile version to rank in research results has further added to the requirement.

    Thus, your business needs to select a website design that’s mobile receptive. Some suggestion includes avoiding using flash, as users can’t view those items via mobile and not utilising pop-ups as they are difficult to close on mobile. Check the site fluidity, crawlers, and plug-ins and your website ranking for mobile devices to reduce users bouncing back.

    Slow page speed and response time

    Search engines greatly emphasise on the loading speed of the website while ranking. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load even on high-speed internet, you’re likely to jeopardise your SEO rankings. Visitors hate sluggish websites and tend to leave, which increases the bounce rate and lowers your SEO ranking. Just because you have a loyal and regular customer base, does not mean that slow speed will not affect your website’s search engine ranking.

    This makes website audit an important process. Auditing allows one to see into loading speeds, checkout process etc. and look into possible issues. In addition, it would be beneficial to de-clutter the site by removing redundant parts, compress and cache images for faster loading and avoiding lazy-loading media.

    A website not optimised for local search

    Local search is the part that can boost your business manifold. When you miss this key piece of the puzzle, you are losing a major chunk of your regular customer base. With Google placing a high importance on its ‘near me’ feature, businesses need to list themselves on Google My Business Listings.

    To optimise your website for local searches, enlist your business on local search engines. Claim your location, provide essential information like business hours, website link and contact details. It will boost traffic and you will be amazed to see a rise in your SEO score through increased site traffic by merely enlisting as a local business.

    No or nominal social media presence

    The world is a global village, and social media is the local village. If you do not publicise your website, no one will know about it. No matter how interesting and informative content you’ve put, you need to let people know about your website. 

    Make business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, and any local website. Keep posting original, interesting, and engaging posts regularly and your contact information accessible to all. You will notice the surge in traffic in just a few days.

    Getting to the top of search engines is not a tough task. All you need to do is get into the shoes of the customer. We hope this guide has helped you understand the SEO mistakes to avoid.

    We, at The Hash Agency, are here to design your website picture-perfect for both desktops and mobile phones. We even use different website ranking tools like Alexa traffic rank to understand the volume of traffic of a client’s website and its competitors as well. This works as a key performance indicator and aids to set up benchmarks to measure performance time-to-time. Thus, we strive hard to get your website at the top to increase your customer base.  

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