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Tips To Divert Facebook Organic Traffic To Your Website

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Are you struggling with driving traffic from Facebook to your website? According to Buzzsumo’s Facebook traffic stats, average engagement for businesses and publishers witnessed a significant drop of 20% in the year 2017 due to changes in Facebook algorithms.

Drive organic traffic from Facebook to your website means connecting with your audience on the platform without paying, yet this traffic is also beneficial for website ranks and website authority. To get this quality traffic, your followers need to regularly see your engagement on media channels as it shows that your brand is active and sociable.

This article share tips on getting grips of Facebook algorithm and how to increase Facebook reach organically, acquiring high-quality organic traffic to your website.  

    Getting grips of Facebook Algorithm

    Facebook Algorithm Changes
    Source: Hootsuite.com

    Why there is a decline in Facebook Organic Traffic?

    In 2016, Facebook algorithm focused on the quality of content that is informative, engaging and posted by friends, family and groups. Another significant change involved measuring the content based on time spent by users and the introduction of reactions like ‘love’ or ‘anger’ that weighed more than ‘likes’ on posts. In another hand, Facebook kept a curb on brands’ post reach which resulted in low organic reach.

    The Current Algorithm Features

    In order to improve the quality of content shown in a user’s home feed, Facebook introduced some algorithm changes and shifted the focus from friends and family posts to the Facebook posts that result in meaningful conversations and interactions in the form of comment threads, shares on messenger, newsfeed and the reactions. This addresses the concerns of businesses over their declining organic reach and improves the quality of time spent by its users on the platform. Thus, the latest Facebook algorithm takes into consideration a variety of ranking signals. For instance, the factors that lead to maximum user engagement. These signals are the data points about a user’s activity on the platform. Three major categories of rankings signals involve:


    Who a user typically interacts with? 

    E.g., How often they like a post from a friend, relative, or brand. 


    What type of media engages them the most? 

    E.g., Link, Video, Photos, Live Videos, Group photos


    How well a post is doing?

    E.g., How popular is it among the users? 

    The recent algorithm update resulted in the addition of a new feature ‘Why am I seeing this post?’ allows people to communicate with algorithm and understand the reason behind seeing a post on their Facebook feed. This feature also enables a user to inform the algorithm of what posts they are interested or not so interested in from a person, page, or group

    How to increase user engagement on Facebook?

    User Engaging Content

    In order to achieve success in your organic Facebook marketing strategy, you need to align your content strategies to the platform with the algorithm operations. Since one of the key ranking signal factors is user’s engagements, user interactive posts can play a key role in getting the algorithm to recognise and reward your Facebook page and increasing page reach.

    By posting content that generates curiosity and interest of the user and taps on strong emotions. Your content voice can be friendly, informative, or inspiring. Research about your target consumer to find topics that resonate with the most.

    Followers can be a good source to increase traffic from your Facebook page to website, let engage your audience with this call-to-action:

    Live Videos

    Since the introduction of Live Videos, searches for live videos have tripled. Live videos gather six-times more attention than regular video posts and keep the user engaged three times longer. Not only they gather the attention of so many users but also serve a perfect opportunity for call-to-action (MediaKix).

    You can either verbally ask the audience to visit the site via link provide or add a swipe-up feature to your website. Live videos not only engage the user but increases the relevancy of your page to the algorithm, enhancing Facebook page ranks.

    Quizzes and Contests

    Quizzes and contests have been identified as the most powerful tools to raise a company’s awareness by Content Marketing Institute. They have the ability to increase awareness by 70-75% and build a great audience (Lisa Murton Beets, Content Marketing Institute). Thus, they grant a perfect opportunity to divert the organic traffic to your website. The question here is, How? The following section details the ways to create such content.

    Closed-Loop System

    This involves embedding a quiz or contest details on your website. It encourages the interested audience to come to your site for participation, increasing the traffic to your site. Additionally, encourage the participants to share the Facebook post and page to gain entries, increasing brand advocacy. Contests and Quizzes keep the page alive and maintain the constant interest of the audience on your page as well as the website.

    Explore Facebook Groups

    Facebook algorithm devotes a significant proportion of a Facebook user’s newsfeed to group posts which is why it is vital to reap the full potential. Groups allow people interaction which makes them a perfect source to increase your visibility on user’s home feed. By posting relevant updates and creating events, you can connect with local communities. Keep the group related to your brand and post content that fosters discussions. This could be issue-resolving, entertaining, educational, or general discussion-based. Always add call-to-action to your posts to maximise your website traffic without investing in Facebook ads.

    Let’s have a look at one of Nike case study, the brand has its own runners’ group on Facebook named “Nike runners club”. Nike consumers interact and share their running experiences across the world through this group. This is a great way to promote your products as well as keep the users engaged. Additionally, it runs target user-specific contests on the group and frequently CTA’s through such posts. Check out Nike Running Club Fanpage to update their current CTA and user’s activities.

    Another way to increase Facebook organic traffic to your website could be participating in groups that already exist and interests your targeted consumer. For instance, a barbeque equipment company can register to be a member of Facebook groups like BBQ addicts, local business group, etc. to participate in the group’s activity and also to promote its product.

    What to Avoid?

    It is important to get over excessive tags and click-bait posts since the algorithm hates them and it can quickly detect these posts and lower your post reach and even down-rank your business page. Thus, you need to avoid repetitive use of bait words like ‘vote’, ‘comment’, ‘like’ or ‘tag’ to prevent the downfall. In addition, avoid using sensational, misleading, or controversial words in headlines as the algorithm categorises them as clickbait.

    Follow the above-listed strategies and boost your business by creating more meaningful and engaging Facebook contents that charm the consumer and drives them to your website. Consider using these tools for social media marketing that can help understand the topics of interest and analyse user engagement on Facebook. In addition, you can have a look at Five W’s and an H of content planning for social media to create content that resonates with your audience. 

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