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Tips to Social Proof your Google Ads for higher ROAS

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Tips-to-social-proof-your-Google Ads-Campaign

Many people feel sceptical about Google ads due to the fear of losing money. But, in reality, Google Ads is the most effective digital marketing advertising platform that gets a business highest conversion rates and returns on investment. Following statistics illustrate the effectiveness of Google ads campaign:
  • Google ads result in a click-through-rate (CTR)is 65% as compared to only 35% for organic results.
  • PPC (Pay per click) leads to 50% more conversion rates than organic reach.
  • On average, businesses make $2 for each dollar spent on PPC ads (Aleksandra, Seotribunal.Com)
Thus, in order to expand your reach, you need to run google ads no matter how much organic traffic your website receives. The Hash Agency brings you a guide to social proof your Google Ads campaign to make the most of this digital marketing advertising platform.

The Meaning

Before learning about how to increase ROAS through social proof, it is essential to brush up the basics by understanding the meaning of the main concepts.

Social Proof

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon introduced by Dr Robert Caldini that states the tendency 
  • People like to fit in with the group.
  • People tend to believe the group is better informed than they are, and if so, many people are doing a thing, then it must be right.
This phenomenon can work wonders for your brand if used appropriately. The basic idea is to showcase the popularity of a brand among masses to indulge confidence among prospects that you’re the right choice for them. 


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a digital marketing metric that measures revenue earned for every dollar spent on marketing or advertising. ROAS is calculated by dividing revenue generated through the platform with Cost of Ads. It allows a business to understand the effectiveness of a campaign and whether it is generating enough revenue to justify the investment.

The HOW?

The sole aim of a Google ads campaign is to convince the users to click through the ad, learn more about the offering and convert them into a consumer. Each Google ads advertiser has the following two goals to achieve in common:
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Minimal costs per conversion
This section will help you understand the various methods through which you can leverage the technique of Social Proofing to achieve the above listed vital goals.

Google Seller Ratings Ads Extension

Google seller ratings, represented by a 5-star scale, defines the worth and success of you as a seller. They are an automated extension type of Google ads that rate a company’s performance based on customer reviews. It is a compelling visual element that speaks volumes about your brand’s credibility. These days consumers are so accustomed to seeing it on almost everything from movie reviews to e-commerce website products that they relate the seller ratings with the perceived quality of products and services.
The effectiveness of this ad extension is evident from the fact discovered by Google that ads with seller ratings extension on has 25% higher CTR in 2019  than the ads without the extension (TrustPilot.com). In another research by PPC Hero, it was identified that seller ratings could increase conversions by 50% (Cassie Oumedian, PPCHero.com).
This ad extension is only available if you have at least 30 reviews in the past 12 months with an average rating of 3.5 stars. Thus, this requires you to encourage your customers to post reviews online to leverage the extension through google ratings and reviews.

Landing Page and Google Ads feature

Once users click on an ad, they are directed to the landing page you set up for the promotion. Thus, you need to know social proof your website along with your Google ads. Foremost is to showcase your numbers and experience. For instance, demonstrate your customer count through statements like ‘be a part of 10 Million families’ or feature your experience through assertions like leading XYZ customer brand from 20 years’. This builds a sense of confidence and trust in consumers that something must be right about the brand that is serving so many people or running from years. 
Consumers have a particular swing for the people in authority. Adding recommendation from authoritative figures/agencies can definitely improve your ROAS by increasing conversions. 
Establish your brand’s legitimacy by featuring the logos of major brands with whom you’ve worked or partnered or the media companies that featured your brand. This has the potential to increase the conversion rate by 400% (conversionrateexperts.com).
88% of users are influenced by customer testimonial as much as personal recommendations influence them (Aleksandra, Seotribunal.Com). Ensure your landing page features testimonials from the consumer with real first and last names and if possible, a photo. For your Google ads, you can run testimonial videos or pictures from real consumers or even experts (if possible). Consumers are more attracted and influenced by Google ads featuring imagery testimonials. 
A perfect landing page and Google Ad with concrete social proof and a proactive all to action feature provide an ideal way to increase conversion rates and get a great ROAS.
To conclude, if your brand is struggling hard to get higher conversion rates and ROSA, social proof your Google ads campaign. Keep in mind that consumer is human and is always driven by a sense of belongingness and esteem needs (prestige and feeling of accomplishment. This forms the basis of their mentality to follow the herd. Thus, social proof your Google ads and make them vocal and persuasive.
Configure them with seller rating extensions, testimonial from users and experts and leverage your experience. Persuade the consumer to trust you because the fellow consumers trust your brand. Ensure your landing pages communicate the same idea since they form the first impression of your website. While planning your Google Ads campaign, follow the social proofing tips listed above to achieve your goals.
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