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Creating enough contents to answer customers’ questions is crucial, yet creating more engaging content to build trust from them frequently tackles content marketers. According to the report listed from 2012 to 2014, producing engaging content has experienced a percentage of 36% to be one of the main obstacles in content marketing (Eric Murphy, hubspot.com). 

Briefly, engaging content could be in written or visual forms; however, interactive content to engage the audience outweighs. Users could not optimize search engines without value content. To succeed in content engagement, content marketing planners need to determine actions they convert the customer towards the service and draft the content to that direction, as well as accommodating them. 
This the article broadly defines what engaging content means, why it becomes essential for content marketers and how to maximize content engagement to attract more customers. 

    What is content engagement?

    Marketing content planned can only become engaging when it adds the new perspectives or values to customers. Thus, investing valuable content to bring it top-notch is the priority for content marketing strategies. In the report in 2012, it shows that more than 10 billion Google searches monthly appear (Joe Griffin, contentmarketinginstitute.com). With the great efforts to hook an audience on your website, it is important to clearly define content marketing and make it engaging. 

    Types of Contents People Engage Most? 

    In the scenario of overwhelming online sources of information, the company itself needs to categorize their contents to target audiences. Below are typical sources that engagement could gain from: 

    Blog posts 

    Consumers increasingly demand content directly delivered by companies themselves, most frequently via the official blogs. Informative content that introduces a company or its products is beneficial for users. Thanks to flexibility, companies can determine the types of posts that drive more engagement through analytics for specific posts. 

    Social Media

    Instagram is one of the visual platforms that provide an engaging experience the most. Content engagement is a quality game and growing quality content can help your associations to win that game by gaining huge amounts of followers on social media. By learning how to achieve more engagement on Instagram Stories for business, your business can drive customers to visual marketing strategies with meaningful content. 

    Online Ads

    Primarily, online ads-tailored content, which relies on personalized content, could be ideal to attract users’ attention. Moreover, collecting customers’ personal information on browsing behavior, previous purchases, and profile, could make information available to online advertisers if this could improve their experience. 

    Why Does Content Engagement Become Essential? 

    To capture the customer’s engagement, writing what they need or want to know is the key. In any business, content engagement plays a key role in telling the story about its services. The more consistent content is written, the more trust clients put on your business. However, most of the businesses have been struggling to create sufficient content for their services. These reasons will give you a glimpse of why producing great content is essential for content writers: 

    Brand awareness

    Brand image represents the core values of your business in which specific messages will be delivered. Thus, content is the vehicle to ship them to the target audience. In terms of brand marketing, brand awareness exists in the business where there is a strong connection established between companies and clients. Creating sufficient content, therefore, can help the firms stand out in the marketplace. 

    Providing great content can grow the brand authority in marketing with diverse insights of written and visual forms and build trust among businesses and clients. Values in engagement content are the keys leading to brand recognition. 

    Inclining website traffic

    Content is the King and great content is the component that encourages the audience to revisit your website to go through pages. By providing relevant and interesting content, you can allow clients to understand more of your brand and core services. Producing valuable SEO-friendly content will optimize the desired website traffic due to the return from customers. It takes effort and skills to consistently generate marketing content, meaning that the higher quality of content is used, the more your website is likely to be visible in the top search result page.

    Social Proof in Media

    Apart from written content, visual content can expand the engagement of your business to customers on social media channels. Each social media channel has its unique techniques to deliver content to users. Visibility, in doubt, has an impactful role in attracting more followers. On Facebook, the more people interact on your post, the more your content is likely to be on your feeds. This means if you have good content in your posts, Facebook will interpret that you are interested in the content posted. This power from social media can enable new visitors to purchase your services based on top feedbacks or testimonials in your business Facebook pages.

    How to measure KPI customer engagement?

    Social Media

    In social media, we can measure customer engagement by the number of likes and review the comments people give your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. When users share your posts on any social media platform that is another method of engagement. Most of the social media platforms allow businesses to monitor comments and shares via dashboard and analysis tools.

    Blog Posts

    In written platforms, returning visitors and times of visits to your blogs, the number of downloads of your podcasts and the views of your videos to amplify their event’s engagement to viewers through the video.

    Web Engagement

    There are many engagement measurements for a website that most organizations will track including time on site, subscriptions, and repeat visitors and bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website that exit after only viewing one page. The bounce rate gives the idea of the content quality by tracking whatever actions are taken by visitors when visiting websites. 

    As the increasing demands of customers and trends of technologies, it is essential to keep your content consistent and engaging. Follow definitions and strategies above listed to boost your business’s website ranks and increase quality traffic by producing more engaging and valuable contents for your targeted audience.
    Understand your concerns, at The Hash Agency, we aim to deliver high-quality and engaging contents. Book us now to start discussing your upcoming content projects.

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