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Uncovering the Five W’s and an H of Content Marketing

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Five W's and an H of Content Marketing Strategy

In this era of high competition, content marketing has become a necessity for running a modern marketing strategy. Content of your marketing campaign is the invaluable and relevant wealth that connects your audience with the company, builds their trust, generate leads, and ultimately leads to conversions. This makes it very important to devise a well-planned content creation strategy that will intrigue the prospects and current consumers to read it.

This article explains the framework of five W’s and an H that describes the importance of content marketing and guides in the curation of an effective content development strategy.

     Why indulge in Content Marketing?

The foremost question to answer while developing a content marketing strategy is to understand the need and its role in overall marketing strategy. An educative content has the power to make a profound impact on the readers which can increase the conversion rate by 131%  and lead generation rate three times more than traditional marketing (Charity Stebbins, Conductor.com). Can’t deny that content marketing helps in building long-term relationships with existing consumers and attracts more traffic by providing the most relevant, high quality and useful contents.

Who is your ideal consumer?

Understanding the target audience forms the foundation of a company’s content marketing strategy. It is essential to realise that you cannot achieve a high conversion rate by penning a generic piece enticing no one. Identifying a niche market allows one to understand their needs better and target them effectively through relevant content, resulting in higher ROI and conversion rates.

Understanding the ideal customer requires researching their needs and motivations, the solutions they’re trying to discover, and how your product/service will make their lives better. This way, you can serve quality content with compelling ideas that are relevant to the target audience.

What solutions is the content offering to the prospects?

The sole purpose of answering ‘the who’ is to answer, ‘the what’. A business must follow a user-centric approach while formulating the content for your campaign to develop the reader’s interest. Audiences look for content that educates them about the problem they are facing and guides them towards a solution. The last thing they want to read is the self-advocacy or praising by a brand, i.e. why is it so terrific, thus, refrain from such type of content creation.

Therefore, channel the efforts towards investigating the consumer needs and wants. Delve into the keywords and queries used by the audience through search engines. Gain insights into the existing content published by your competitors that resonates with your audience. This can significantly increase your consumer base.

We recommend the WordStream Keyword Tool to explore the most used keywords and phrases while searching through search engines. Besides, the SEMrush content marketing tools will aid in creating a content strategy or improvement of the existing content plan through a meticulous content marketing analysis. For a successful content marketing strategy, you may want to check out these top five tools for high conversion rate.

When is the right time to publish to gain maximum attention?

Content marketing aims to get the message in front of as many consumers as possible. Each channel has a peak and slow times and publishing on the right day at the right time will allow you to gain maximum user attention. For instance, social media algorithms are accustomed to showing the posts to more audience in the first few hours. If your target audience is people in the job sector your research might show to post between 5 pm – 8 pm for maximum reach while for targeting companies ideal time might be 9 am – 5 pm, i.e. the office hours.

Another vital element of ‘the when’ equation is to maintain the consistency of timing, whether it’s daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. This will allow you to develop a reader’s expectations of when they can hear something new from you and maintain their constant interest. 

Where to publish and promote the content to achieve maximum reach?

Another major contributor to the success of a content marketing strategy is the mix of channels used to publish the content. The primary and constant component of the channel mix should be your website. Blog posting on your website attracts more traffic and allows the users to explore the product and services offered, which increases the conversion rates. In the current scenario, publishing on social media is as vital as posting on your website to create brand awareness. 

Finding the right channel mix can be determined by understanding your target market and the purpose of the product. For instance, a corporate solution reach will be higher on a professional platform like LinkedIn. At the same time, a leisure or healthcare product would have better reach through platforms like Instagram or Facebook. If your target market is business client, then targeting through an email campaign will achieve desired results while it may not work for Gen Z. Here is the list for five free tools for social media management that can help your business spread the word and connect with consumers. 

How to measure the effectiveness of content marketing strategy?

An important step before launching the strategy is to establish the metrics that will quantify the measurement of its effectiveness and set the KPI’s. This is achieved by understanding the purpose of the campaign. For instance, if the goal is to increase your brand’s visibility, then the metric will be numbers of website traffic, and social media flowers and KPI could say a rise in website traffic rank by ten positions and increase in Instagram followers by 100. Quantifying of the measurement process will enable to determine the effectiveness of the strategy and optimise the content marketing strategy time-to-time.

Asking the appropriate questions and researching the apt answers is the key difference between vague content and strategic content marketing. Following the five W’s and an H’s approach can help your company to achieve a high ROI and conversion rates. The key to business prosperity is to understand your customers and providing them with excellent services, which in turn results in strong customer relationships and new sales generating through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

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