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15 Effective Ways To Increase Conversion Rate Businesses Should Know

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15 Effective Ways To Increase Conversion Rate

Sometimes you find that the website has good traffic, but the conversion rate is low. But if the website does not convert then why do you need it then? Conversion brings money to the company, so it’s crucial for the business to make the website convert. Which tools or strategies can help?

Today we will discuss 30 effective ways to lift the conversion rate through

    Add Images & Graphics

    For the optimization purposes usually, the website has a lot of images and graphics on their website. However, randomly putting them might be a huge mistake. Images and graphics should have a meaningful message and give some positive feelings to the customers. Your company should ensure that the website does not have any controversial or negative pictures that might hurt someone’s feelings or bring negative emotions.

    Avoid “choice paralysis”

    “Choice paralysis” is a marketing term for the phenomenon, when the user is given too many options. Instead of having 10 types of subscription, do only 3: basic, plus and premium. When there are only 3-5 options, it is easier for the user to decide which one to sign up for.

    Follow the AIDA model

    AIDA model stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is a well-known model in the marketing, which describes every step the customer goes through in the buying process. At first, the business should grab the customer’s attention. Then after capturing the attention, the company should make the customers interested in the product or service that have been offered through explaining the purpose of it. If the company wins their interests, then the customers develop a desire for the item. And now people are ready for an action, which means they are ready to make a purchase.

    Add Call-to-Action button

    Always have Call-to-Action buttons on your website as it pushes the customer to take actions. If the customer can subscribe to your company’s newsletter, then add the button “Subscribe Now” or if you have an e-shop, then have a button “Quick Checkout”.

    Perform an A/B Testing

    There is always a place for improvement when you have a website. Try to find the layout that will improve the website performance. One of the ways to find out is to run A/B testing. Put design A against design B and see which one performs better.

    Create compelling product/service’s description

    When putting the description of the product or service, sometimes there is a bit more information that your company would like to include. Then, this information can be added in the footnotes. By providing all the necessary information, the customer is having less questions and therefore, more likely to purchase the product.

    Embed Live chart

    If the description does not answer the user’s question, then it is important to have a live chat. Live chat is a tool that helps to solve the customers’ inquiries, or just make communication is easier for a new visitor to get a quick answer about the products/services that they are interested in. 

    Add return policy to your website

    Always have a return policy. Online shops, same as physical ones must have a return option, to decrease the feeling of uncertainty. Customers are always afraid of buying a new product as it might turn out pointless or just a waste of money. To reduce the fear, the company provides the ability to return the product or service. Since the company guarantees the money back, then the customer does not have the fear of losing money, which means they are more likely to buy.

    Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly

    To rank high on Google search page, your website must be optimized for mobile. When the ranking of the site is low, then getting conversion might be harder. You can develop a mobile version of your website which will help to improve the ranking, for example, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), it’s optimized for mobile web browsing and designed to help webpages load faster.

    Improve your website speed

    The page speed is critical, especially for mobile conversion. It has been proved that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to fully load, there will be around 40% of visitors will leave the sites. Always test your page speed through Google’s Page Speed tools, and don’t forget to check for the mobile version performance.

    Monitor your online ratings & reviews

    Ratings and reviews are one of the most important facts for customers to make a decision whether to buy or not to. Having good reviews of the products or services that you are selling will bring more conversions, which means more sales. If someone leaves a bad review, always try to resolve it in a professional way, so the other customers can see that you are active. If you notice there are fake reviews, don’t immediately say things which may affect your business image. Just calmly and nicely ask for their ticket number or order number, and promise to be bad with a fair solution.

    Provide coupon codes & discounts

    The power of coupon codes and discounts are undeniable because everyone love paying less. By providing a discount on a limited time, your customers will definitely grab the offers and try to buy before the expiry date. When the customers urgently try to purchase, they are less likely to distract and more likely to take actions.

    Ensure a safe and secure checkout gateway

    These days a lot of people are concerned about their safety online. When checking out the customers usually provide information like name, address and card details, so the company should ensure the customers that their website is safe. In order to find out how to create a perfect checkout, click here.

    Integrate with social media shopping

    If your brand has an account on social media, it would be a great opportunity to run shopping through it. By enabling it, there are more chances of conversion, as customers spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

    Enable guest checkout on your website

    One of the main reasons why the customers abandon their cart is that the website requires them to register. Some customers want to make a one-time purchase and have no interest to come back, so it is necessary for the business to enable guest checkout. You can still provide an opportunity to set up the account, however clear state, how they can benefit from it.

    This article has explained 15 effective ways on how to increase the website conversion rate and if you would like to learn more, then check out The Hash Agency website. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation to find out how your website can be optimized. 

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