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Basic but Effective Tricks to Increase Customer Engagement in e-Commerce You Should Know

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How To Increase Customer Engagement In E-Commerce

The competition between online retailers is intense, especially when so many people have access to the Internet. 

It is difficult to stands out, and it is even more difficult to achieve the sales target. 

You are probably asking, what your company can do to have a strong online presence? 

Well, most of the time the problem is in the customer engagement on your website.

In this article, we will talk about how to increase customer engagement on an e-commerce website.

    Ask for feedback and reviews

    It is essential to have 2-way communication and when there is no place for the feedback or review, then the customers will feel like they are talking to themselves. 

    By creating a space for feedback, you are not only boosting customer engagement but also increase conversion. 

    People tend to trust the brand more when there are verified reviews of their products. When they trust, they are more likely to make a purchase. 

    Reviews and feedback are not always positive, it is better when there is a mix of positive and negative one. 

    When there are both types of feedback, the chances of the products being returned dramatically go down. 

    Moreover, it is better to put all the information about the product, including reviews on one page.

    Offer a loyalty program

    Having benefits for being a loyal customer is always nice, especially when it is the brand that you like. 

    The loyal program will turn a one-time customer into a loyal one, which means there are more chances that the customer will come back to shop again. 

    Loyal program is the opportunity to show your company’s appreciation towards the customers who choose your brand over another.

    Embed Live chat to your online store

    Another tip for improving customer engagement is to set up a live chat, where your company and customers can directly communicate with each other. Through live chat, the customers’ enquiries can be solved quickly and easily. 

    Live chat allows the customer to receive an answer within a few hours instead of waiting for a few days to get an answer via e-mail.

    Provide personalized rewards

    provide personalized rewards is one of the greatest treats and good practice that any company should implement, no matter your business size is. With a birthday coupon, customers tend to shop more to indult themself a bit. By keeping track of customers’ birthday and giving a coupon, the brand is providing more personalized customer service. Everyone likes freebies, it’s good practices if you send a small gift to your customer on their special dates. You can also provide a custom coupon or voucher to customer with a birthday wish and their name on it. What else can be better? 

    Reach out to unhappy customers

    It is impossible to have 100% customer satisfaction. At some point, there will be some customers who are disappointed in the product they bought or the services they opted in for, which the company provided. 

    Reaching out and trying to solve the issue is critical as this will show that they take their customers concerns seriously. It is also a good way to show new customers, that your brand is trustworthy and always put efforts to deliver 100% satisfaction. Additionally, through negative feedback, the brand can discover some new opportunities for improvement.

    Optimize the website for mobile users

    Shopping online is not something new, and everyone is shopping online for every need. If you are running an online store, it’s 1st priority to improve your site speed as you don’t want your customers to feel any inconvenience during the purchasing process, slow loading, …

    It is essential to have a mobile version of your e-shop. Consider building one AMP version of your online shop. For example, mobile.myshop.com. Not only it improves the user experience but also provide more opportunities for conversions.

    Create a social media account

    Social media is now an integral part of our life and therefore is the best place for customer engagement. Facebook and Instagram are the platforms where your business must have an account to reach out to the customers. 

    The company should use social media to promote their products, acquire new customers and more importantly to stay connected with its customers. 

    There are also some strategies on how your company can boost social media engagement, which will help to build a stronger connection between the brand and its customers. 

    Today we have discussed how to increase customer engagement on the e-commerce website. These ways will help your company to build a stronger relationship with its customer and also improve the customer experience. 

    If you would like to find more information on how to run an e-commerce website, check out The Hash Agency. Here you can book a FREE 30-minute consultation with a digital marketing professional to receive advice on how to improve your online business.

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