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How To Design A Perfect Checkout Process that helps convert more sales

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Shopping online gives the buyers so many convenience advantages like 24/7 access, no queue time, and no need to go out. But there are some frustrations that might ruin the experience of shopping online and that is the checkout process, which is not designed properly. Since we know how to build an e-commerce website, it is time to learn how to implement the excellent checkout process. 

We are going to discuss some principles that all the e-commerce businesses must follow to provide the best user experience during the customer’s check out process. 

    No registration requirements 

    The company should always remember that customers came to their website to shop, and not to fill out the forms. It is always recommended not ask to sign up during the shopping process, as the registration forms might act as barriers. Customers do not want to spend too much time typing in the information, so they would try to avoid filling the forms until they are ready to check out. Customers prefer to put their personal information when they have already done with shopping and it is time to pay.

    Stock information 

    It is always the best practice to put the information whether the product is available or not. If they chose the item and in the end, it is sold out, then it is highly likely of customer’s dissatisfaction, which leads to poor customer experience. And if the product is sold out and will come back in the near future, it would be nice to put the pre-order button. 

    Easy modification of the cart 

    Sometimes the customers can change their mind while their doing shopping online, or accidentally add the items they were not planning to buy. Allowing customers to remove products easily from the cart reduces the customers’ frustration. So it would be always good to let the customers modify the cart in a quick and easy way. 

    24/7 Support 

    Another area that should be getting attention is 24/7 support. A lot of big retailers have real-time support, which help to assist customers with their inquiries. If there is not enough budget for 24/7 online support, the company can create a FAQ page, where all the answers to the most frequent questions. Additionally, on the website, your company could also indicate the contact information for customers to send their enquiries. 

    Photos, videos and specifications of the products 

    When putting the items for sales, always make sure that the product page has all the relevant information regarding the products. And when the customer is reviewing the cart, all the key specifications like size and colour should appear. It allows the customer to scan the basket easily and be sure that they have chosen the right items. 

    A process indicator 

    Try to always indicate at which stage the shopping process is, so the customer will not feel lost. As the checkout process is not a one-step procedure, it would be better to let the customers know how many more steps are left to complete the order. 

    A simple checkout interface design 

    Checkout interface should be as simple as possible to reduce the chances of cart abandonment or order cancellation. This is the final stage of the purchase and therefore, your company will not want the customer to spend too much time at this stage. Ensure that it is simple and not time-consuming so the customer will not leave without buying anything. 

    Estimated delivery time 

    When the user in the process of checking out, always show the estimated delivery time. Informing the customers about the delivery time is crucial, as some parcels require a signature. So if the customer is aware of the delivery date of the parcel, the customer will make sure that there is someone at home who can receive it. 

    Next steps after order completion 

    After the order has been placed, always indicate what happens next. When the checkout process has finished show the small message “Thank you”. Being polite is simple and also rewarding, because the customers are real people and always appreciate when the brand cares about its clients. 

    A confirmation email 

    When the customer has finished placing the order it is time for the brand to send a confirmation e-mail, where there are some details regarding the purchase. Here some information you might want to include:

    • Invoice number 
    • Product name & number 
    • Total price 
    • Address
    • Estimated time of delivery 
    • “Thank you for your order” message 

    The confirmation e-mail is the last opportunity for the customers to check whether they put the correct information. If the customer made a mistake there is still a chance to change before the items have been shipped. 

    A smooth checkout experience is equal to good customer service. A flexible, fast and easy checkout process is the key to successful and profitable online business. Follow all the principles that are explained above for better website performance.

    At The Hash Agency, we provide web design and development solutions for businesses in the smart, fast and effective way. Book a FREE 30-minutes consultation to find out more tips on how your website can be improved. 


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