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Effective Ways To Create Brand Impact Using Viral Elements In Email Marketing

Effective Ways To Create Brand Impact Using Viral Elements In Email Marketing

In this article, we will share our best practices for creating a buzz by using viral elements in email marketing.

When you are planning to create phenomenal results in your email marketing campaigns, think about the desired final outcome. Is your email marketing campaign designed to drive interest in your company, increase brand awareness or your products and services at a high level, or does the campaign need to drive more sales or newsletters registrations?

Once you have an ultimate goal in mind, you can begin to create the email marketing campaign in the way that your viral efforts will integrate with your current messaging strategy.

Adding viral elements in your marketing email does not always require a stand-alone email and only carry a sole purpose.

Thank you email or confirmation registration

Many successful email marketers implement their best practices of viral elements to drive email marketing successes. For example, you might find a transactional email from a big eCommerce website saying:

Thanks for your recent purchase.

If you love our products and are happy with the purchase. Please share this experience with three friends of yours, we will give you a secret gift in your next order.

To assist you in creating more effective and successful email marketing campaigns, below are seven best practices tips that do nothing but focus on viral marketing efforts.

Speak in your customer language

To enable customers to understand your brand, your products and services. Talk to them in their language in any marketing email you send out. Refrain from the usual practice of carefully crafted copy that will immediately be identified as such and ignored. Think of how you would talk to your friend or family member versus an “end-user” to whom you are marketing. Even more important than speaking directly is speaking honestly. Be up-front, or you will create mistrust and potentially damage your brand.

Find out who opinion leaders are in your industry and work with them

There will always be someone who is passionate about your industry, they have known influencers and opinion leaders. They have industry expertise and are influential in sharing their knowledge with other people. Influencers usually have a wide circle of influence and can efficiently spread your brand message to a huge number of followers, these interested parties can be then converted to your potential customers. Find these influencers, invite them to work with your brand and arm them with relevant information about your product or service.

Communicate with your customers by all possible marketing methods

Do whatever is needed to facilitate the diffusion of your brand message. From sending a marketing email, text message marketing, running a marketing event, sending out leaflet and brochures, employ all the tools that remove all barriers to facilitating smooth dialogue between your brand and customers. Here are some best practices tactics to boost sales via marketing email that you might want to learn more about to grab some ideas on how to effectively communicate with your targeted customers and generate more sales.

Think big

Don’t make the mistake of starting tactically, as in “We need an email viral campaign” or “What kind of video can we create that will get passed around?”. Instead, concentrate on your core marketing objectives, and focus on coming up with the Big Idea or that will resonate with your target. The best ideas are often the simplest and ideally incorporate a key piece of insight about the consumer.

You may want to get to know about general rules and tips email marketers should avoid when writing marketing email to customers. It is important to understand how to write an intelligent email. When your reader opens your marketing email, he or she may have a particular expectation for what’s going to be inside that message. The marketer’s job is to predict what’s in the reader’s mind beforehand and add that content or offers in the email.

Check the relevancy toward overall marketing strategy Viral and word-of-mouth efforts can do a great job on their own, but they can be far more effective and your brand definitely will get greater efficiency if they are tied to other elements in your (email) marketing campaign.

Be responsive to the two-way dialogue

Because viral marketing is often “uncharted territory” for marketers, we can forget that we have a responsibility to listen and respond to consumers on their own terms. This means you are no longer responsible just for the messages you deliver but also for listening and appropriately responding to the messages from thousands of customers and prospects.

Analyse your campaign and measure its success rate

If your marketing email has a low open rate, then the email marketers have to reconsider the current email marketing tactic. Sometimes it happens because of the design, the irrelevant content, or your sales email doesn’t carry any meaningful message or not being carefully customized for different groups of purchasers.

People tend to think that the offer inside the email is the most important factor in the success of email marketing, but it is not true. The customer’s choice to read or not to directly depends on whether the customer is aware of the brand and whether the customer trusts the brand. The good, the bad, and the ugly. In all cases, consumers will tell you what they’re thinking. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons many marketers struggle with the idea of viral marketing in the first place.

Every email marketing campaign must be carefully monitored to not only register the impact of a program but also to appropriately establish an effective two-way dialogue. From specific clicks to community discussion, effective measurement can make the difference in how useful your program becomes and the depth of impact it provides to your company.

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