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All about Instagram user interface and its feature

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All about Instagram user interface and its feature

In this article, we will take a look at the Instagram user interface, we assume now you’re comfortable with where all of the primary features of Instagram are located. 

    Useful features on Instagram home page

    When we first login to the app, we’re on the home page of Instagram. And this is where we see any photos and videos posted by users that we follow on Instagram. 

    We can tell we are on the home page because at the bottom of the screen the house icon is shaded in a darker colour. The next icon on our screen is the magnifying glass. And this is the search page. So if we tap on that button we can now search on Instagram. 

    You could tap at the top and you could search for a topic related to your industry, you could search for some of the products and services that your business already offers, or you could even search for some competitors to do some competitive research. We could also search for hashtags related to our business. 

    Where to upload video and images?

    Now, the next button down in the navigation section is the upload button. Looks like a plus icon. And this is where you can upload photos and videos. So if you tap on that you can select photos and videos that are already in your photo library. Or you’ll notice down at the bottom we could tap on Photo to take a new photo, or we could tap on Video to take a new video.

    What is the heart icon?

    So the heart icon brings us to the activity section. This is where we can see all of the activity that’s related to our account. So we can see when people follow us, when they comment on our photos or videos, all sorts of things like that, when they message us, anything that’s happening related to us and our business on Instagram. 

    How to navigate to our Instagram profile?

    Now, the next link on the bottom of the screen is the Profile link. And if we tap on this section we’ll be brought to our own Instagram profile where we can see all of the photos and videos that we’ve uploaded to Instagram. 

    From here we could tap on the Edit Profile button and we could change the description of our profile here on Instagram. If at any time you need to access the Instagram settings, you can tap on the three lines at the top-right, and then you can tap on the Settings button at the top of this page. And you’ll be brought into your Instagram Settings. 

    So hopefully now you have an idea of where all of the primary sections of Instagram are located, so that you know where to go and what feature of its icon is.

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