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Instagram marketing tools you need to know

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Instagram marketing tools you need to know

Instagram features a number of built-in tools for businesses that are available exclusively for Instagram business profiles. 

Let’s take a look at some of these tools and discuss how they can help your organization and how we can actually implement these tools.

    Sticker poll tool

    The first tool is the sticker poll tool. 

    Sticker poll tool
    Instgram sticker poll tool

    This allows you to ask questions to your users in the Instagram story mode, and then get an answer from them so you can get some feedback. 

    So you can see from this example we have an image of a woman saying yes or no. And for the caption, we will ask the question: Do you want to join a free Instagram marketing course?

    As you can see by using sticker polls, we can gain insight into our followers’ preferences. You can ask any question that you’d like, they’re open-ended and then using sticker polls.

    You can provide as many answers as you like as well. So you can completely customize this. And it’s a great way to use Instagram for customer feedback. 

    Sponsored posts tool

    The next tool is the sponsored posts tool. This is basically advertising on Instagram. 

    Whenever we post a photo to our account, we have the option to promote that photo. You can promote any post that you uploaded to Instagram. When promoting a post, you can choose:

    • who you’d like to target, 
    • how long you’d like your promotion to last, 
    • and what the budget will be for their promoted post. 

    Instagram sponsored posts look very similar to regular Instagram post. The only difference is the subtle text at the top left underneath our profile name that says Sponsored. 

    So using sponsored posts is a great way to reach a wider audience by spending a little bit of money than you would if you just posted regularly. 

    Contact buttons tool

    The next tool is the contact buttons tool. It’s actually more of a feature but it’s only available for business profiles. When the users are viewing your profile, they can tap on this button and they can send us a direct email.

    When you set up a business profile, you have the option of determining which type of contact options you’d like to display. 

    You can:

    • add a button like this one for users to email you,
    • add a button for users to contact you via phone, 
    • or you could add a button for users to see your physical location in a maps app. 

    And you can add all three if you’d like as well. 

    Again, this is only available for Instagram business profiles, and it’s recommended that every business have at least one of these options available to give users an easy way to contact you to find out more information or to complete a purchase. 

    Storefront tool

    The last tool is the storefront tool.

    Now, this tool is a little bit more challenging to use. You actually have to use Facebook Ads Manager and you have to have your Facebook business profile set up with a Facebook catalogue, which is where you can list your products for sale on Facebook. 

    Because Facebook owns Instagram and they’re kind of interconnected, especially when we get into the business tools of Instagram.

    Now, once you’ve done that, you can apply to be approved for a storefront on Instagram. So it’s a bit exclusive. It’s saved more for big retailers. But, you know, if you’re doing really well on Instagram and you’re selling products directly, it’s definitely something that you can look into more. 

    We can tell a post is a storefront post because, in the bottom left corner of the image, we have a little shopping bag symbol. 

    And if we actually tap right on the image, a whole bunch of labels will appear related to the products in the image telling us the name of the product and the price. 

    We could actually tap on any of these products and we’d be brought to a page where we can find out more information about the particular product and we could tap to go to the website to purchase it. 

    You can find a lot of information in the business section of instagram.com about how you can apply and be approved for having a storefront on Instagram. 

    These are just four very specific tools that are provided only for business profiles on Instagram

    So you definitely want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of these tools as you use Instagram for marketing purposes.

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