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How to convert to an Instagram professional account?

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How to convert to an Instagram professional account?

To get the most out of using Instagram as a business, it’s a good idea to switch your Instagram profile to a professional profile. 

Switching to a professional profile will allow you to access Instagram Insights as well as other business-related features. 

Before we jump in and do that, you must have a Facebook page created for your business in order to create an Instagram professional profile. So if you don’t already have one, head on over to facebook.com/business and create a basic business page before moving forward. 

Once you’ve created a Facebook business page, and you have the Instagram app downloaded on your device, go ahead and tap to open it up. If you already have a basic Instagram profile that you’d like to use for your business go ahead and log in. If you don’t, you can create one now from this screen by click on the Signup button.

Now, you need to tap on login, click on the bottom right silhouette icon to access your profile here on Instagram. So now that you’re logged in, this right now is just a basic Instagram account. And you want to convert it to a professional account. 

So from our profile screen, we’re going to tap on the three lines at the top right, and then we’re going to tap on Settings to access our Instagram Settings. From within our settings, we’re going to tap on Account. 

Notice that at the bottom of this section we have the option to switch to a professional account. So we’ll go ahead and tap to continue. Now during this setup process, we need to answer a few questions about our business, so go ahead and do that as best as you can. 

So we’re going to set this up as a business. We can get some information from Instagram about what this is going to allow us to do. We can learn about our followers, we can reach our customers, and we can get new contact options. 

So we’ll tap to continue. Then we need to select a category for what type of organization we are. Let’s go ahead and search for your business category. And tap Next, now it wants us to review some contact information so if you wanted to add a phone number or an address you can do so here but you can just having your email address up there, and go ahead and tap on Next. 

Now is where we have to connect to Facebook which is why we mentioned earlier on that you need to create a Facebook business page first. So we’ll just go ahead and tap to log in to Facebook and Continue. Tap on Continue and we’ve now connected our Facebook page so we have it selected and we’ll just tap next. 

That’s it. So it lets us know that we now have excess to more tools to connect with our audience on Instagram. Now when we look at our profile you might not notice all of the changes but there is one specific change. And now it displays your business category underneath your profile name. And at the top it the total number of profile visits you in the last seven days because now we have access to Instagram Insights and all of the other great business tools that come along with having a professional Instagram account.

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