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How to optimize your e-commerce product images

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Product photos are one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website but it is also a big challenge as shooting product is not an easy job. Image of a product will show customers how the item looks like and it will help the customers to decide whether to buy it or not, this is why it is necessary to take the product images seriously before posting it online. The images should not only be up to date, engaging, and in high quality but also fit aesthetically to increase the purchase rate.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to optimize product photos for your e-commerce website, and help to increase the conversion rate.

    Examples of Product Display on E-commerce Websites

    ZARA – Spanish apparel retailer 

    Let’s start with the fashion brand ZARA, one of the biggest online retailers. ZARA is definitely a strong player when it comes to e-commerce and that is why the brand never stops optimizing its website with the astatically pleasing photos.

    zara ecommerce website design

    Picture 1: Zara 2020 


    Their website looks like a photobook, presenting their product like in trendy photobook look. And seemingly this e-commerce website design style will never be outdated. All their photos are always in high resolutions and most of their featured products are presented in hero section. Most e-commerce website design these days follow this strategy.

    Apple – America Multinational Technology Company 

    Never forget to mention one of the e-commerce website design case studies from Apple. They have a minimalistic design on their website, that is why the photos of their product are also following the minimalistic style.

    apple ecommerce website design

    Picture 2: Apple 2020 


    Apple’s product photos never consist of unnecessary elements that might distract. As Apple’s products are known for its satisfying design, the brand covers the front and back of the product in the images.

    IKEA – Swedish Multinational Ready-To-Assemble Furniture Company 

    If you are wondering how to sell furniture or anything that related to homeware and kitchenware, IKEA would be a great example. IKEA is popular for its mix and match e-commerce website design style, and therefore, they include a lot of details in their pictures, to make their products look appealing. 

    ikea ecommerce website design

    Picture 3: IKEA 2020

    4 Steps to Take Perfect Photos for E-commerce Website 

    Product and place setup

    Before starting the photoshoot, you need to prepare for the product setup. The product should be in flawless condition. If you are selling clothes, you would probably need to iron it to make a clean look or if you are selling kitchenware, then you might need to polish it to make it presentable.

    Setting up the lightning            

    All the Instagram influencers are aware of how vital it is to set up the light correctly and that’s why they took hours to set it up before starting to take photos. One wrong move and the product won’t look appealing. So before shooting, find the best position for your light, that will not ruin the image. 

    Installing the camera

    Shooting products takes a lot of time and therefore companies are usually hiring professional photographers from third parties rather than doing by themselves. However, if your business is a start-up, who just planning to open an online website and doesn’t want to spend money on photographers then prepare to get your hands dirty. Though the quality of the camera is crucial, the angle from where you are taking photos is also significant. 

    Editing the images

    After you finish taking the product images, the final stage would be editing. Editing photos will just remove some minor errors and improve the overall quality of the image. To edit photos, you need to have knowledge or experience of Adobe Creative Suite. Or you can try SaaS photo editing such as Canva, Crello and etc. Sometimes, editing images can be a daunting task, you can outsource a photo editing service from a legit and trustworthy agency or a freelancer.

    With 4 simple steps above you can start setting up a successful photoshoot for your e-commerce products. If you need help in creating an e-commerce website and product marketing, check out The Hash Agency services and book a FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss more about your creative projects. 

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