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Transactional Email ‘s 4Ws: Definition, Types, Examples and Best Practices

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Have you ever heard about the transactional e-mail? If not, you probably should continue reading this article, as it is an important part of e-mail marketing. So, what is a transactional e-mail? Transactional e-mail, also known as service-based or “triggered” e-mail, it is a type of automated e-mail, that is transmitting between a sender and a recipient. 

Previously, we have discussed the general rules and tips for e-mail marketing. In this article, we are going to discuss why a transactional e-mail is so important as a part of e-mail marketing, how and why we need to send that service-based e-mail, and what kind of nuances need to be taken into consideration.

    What are the differences between the usual marketing e-mail and transactional one?

    The main difference between a promotional e-mail and a transactional one is that the customer does not usually expect the marketing e-mail. However, a customer would usually expect the transactional e-mail, as they are the one that customer receives after making a purchase at your website. If your customer doesn’t get the transactional e-mail when they expect it, this can make customer feel uneased and they may think that your business is not legitimate. 

    Another significant difference between newsletters (normal marking email) and transactional email is that marketing e-mail is sent to everyone on a specific day every month or every week while the transactional e-mails are personalized and its content depends on customers’ activity. 

    What are the examples of transactional e-mail?

    Now it is time to look deeper and find out some examples of transactional e-mails. This is the list of transactional e-mail that you might want to include in your e-mail marketing:

    • Receipts e-mails 
    • Follow-ups e-mails
    • Cart abandonment e-mails
    • Shipping notifications 
    • Account creating and product return confirmations 
    • Support tickets 
    • Password Update reminders 
    • Unsubscribe confirmations 
    • Welcome e-mails

    What are the rules when creating a transactional e-mail?

    In the previous section, we talked about the examples of transactional e-mails. Let’s look at how to write the e-mails without breaking any laws. Here is a set of rules that were proposed by SPAM ACT 2003 from that your business needs to follow when writing a transactional e-mail:

    • Always clearly mark the commercial e-mail as advertising 
    • Always write a truthful and relevant subject 
    • Always use a legitimate return e-mail address
    • Always include a valid physical address 
    • Always include the working opt-out option 
    • Always process opt-out requests within 10 business days 

    These statements are just for learning purposes, to make sure that your business is not breaching laws, please seek professional advice.

    Though the purpose of these e-mails is service-based, many businesses use it as a way to boost sales. Since from the customer’s perspective, these e-mails are just to confirm the customer’s actions, the messages in the transactional e-mails are read faster and this type of e-mail grabs attention the most.  

    Why does your business need to have transactional e-mails?

    There are many benefits that the business can obtain by just including the transactional e-mails into their e-mail marketing strategy. Following are the main advantages of having service-based e-mail: 

    • Attracts new customers: E-mail is always a good way to gain more potential customers. Unlike cold calling, e-mails are not pushy, and therefore, they introduce the product or service more attractively.
    • Increase customer engagement: All the marketers know how important the customers’ engagement on their business website. So, to encourage customers to engage more, transactional e-mail is a good marketing tool to do so.
    • Retain customers: We always want the customers to come back. The service-based e-mail that is sent at the right moment to remind customers about the product or service that your company is offering can help to retain customers. 
    • Keep customers up-to-date with the latest information: If the brand will send the e-mail regarding a new range of a product or about new promotions. It can motivate customers to buy the product or at least consider buying it. This means, that the service-based e-mails can increase sales. If you want your e-mail marketing strategy performs better check out the e-mail marketing best practices. 

    In this article, we have discussed four key reasons why transactional e-mail is essential to every business, we also have looked at all types of transactional e-mail, and now it is time to implement in your email marketing strategies. 

    If you need an extra hand in your email marketing campaigns, please feel free to have a chat with us or book us a FREE 30-minutes consultation.

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